Monday, March 28, 2011

Sore About Sores

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  1. first? me?!?

  2. oh and that’s SO gross!!

  3. Sounds like she misses him. I bet she secretly likes copping a hiding from puss boy…

  4. If he has no patients, why should he be there?

  5. AND YOU WERE WITH HIM ALL THAT TIME, you pathetic little bitch. You’re making yourself look bad.

  6. Looks like John is putting himself out there as the next possible mate for this lovely lady.

  7. That bitch!!!!!! I told her to not put it on fb and she promised!!!!

  8. Ummm… Why was she sleeping with him if he had gross sores all over his dick that smelled like dead people? That’s disgusting.

  9. …’kay. Don’t complain, bitch, you’re the one who hopped on his zombie dick to begin with.

  10. Looks like she doesn’t realize she looks even worse by saying all of this crap. She choose to bit with that nasty ass.

  11. CommentsAtLarge

    Zombie dick hahahah. 🙂

    Shooting it in the head would still work…

  12. He really couldn’t have been THAT bad if 1) she was with him long enough to have a kid and figure out he wasn’t there for it and 2) He was with enough people to make “like 4 kids now”

  13. vikesgal, people stay in abusive relationships all the time. That doesn’t tell you anything about how bad the guy was. It does tell a lot about the woman’s psychology, though.

  14. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus. Ew.

  15. Seriously this post makes my vag shrink up

  16. Well Lame the only thing I saw in her rant about him being abusive was the first small part, the rest was about just about him being lazy with a suspect penis…. Hence my comment.

  17. Who are all these new commenters?
    and #5 why are you so angry? Obviously she is desperate for his pus covered dick but let’s not condescend into vulgarity now.
    Also, suck the tit of the system? I pictured him working at a computer system and sucking on something electrical…

  18. Wow. I don’t know what’s worse…the guy with the scary dick or the girl that was bouncing on it

  19. fucking depressing post! *dislike x infinity!*

    Katie go kill yourself, your head is not on right, and I doubt it can be fixed. What the fuck kind of person stays that long in a relationship with the most repulsive, creepy, disgusting, lowest form of being and think that she’s any better?! Get off my internet and go hang yourself, your post stole my happiness.

    … I’m also a lingerie model

    /end rant

  20. vikesgal, admittedly you read more than I did. I scanned because it was a real tl;dr for me. I did a knee-jerk comment which had a high chance of being faulty. I own this.

  21. Thanks for that, my faith and hope in humanity diminishes each day I visit lamebook.

    Also *retch*.

  22. Utterly sickening and that is all.

  23. Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows?

  24. For f-sake, Katie, with a little bit of imagination the white residue tastes just like feta. So don’t leave the guy, harvest first.

  25. If he was all that bad, Katie, why were you with him in the first place?

  26. I was eating breakfast. Thanks, bitch
    And all of the above about a woman who’d stay with that kind of a guy

  27. I HAVE to point out. She says he was abusive then goes on to not mention a single abusive thing. Yeah, he was a shit dad, but cheating on her or whatever she’s saying isn’t really abusive. My mother was in an abusive relationship and I don’t appreiciate this dip thinking her man beng diseased is a form of abuse.

  28. Bloody hell what is it with you fucking lesbo’s banging on about smelly cocks all the time eh?! So what if a blokes wombprodder stinks, is slightly green in colour and has the consistency on a rough grade sandpaper?!

    At least it doesn’t bleed once a month and seize up if the dishes haven’t been washed.

    (Please note: My actual cock may bleed once a month or more.)

  29. All you pissants whining about this post are just mad because of the description. I think a few of you were there

  30. The very first sentence, she messed up the word ‘to’. Clearly she had this coming to her.

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m reasonably sure HE did the breaking up.

  32. I have a hard time understanding who the “loser” is in this post . . .

  33. So what you’re really saying Katie is “God please take me back, zombie dick and all, cuz I’m not getting any better offers!

  34. to*
    , or*
    , had*
    I’ve ever had*
    , and had*
    I’m so happy I don’t have to*
    underwear, which*
    all the time!*
    Too bad, I*
    it’s a good*
    actor, but that*
    go for it!*
    look, or*
    skin, doesn’t it?*
    Amazing, isn’t it?*
    winner, and*

    I think I know why he left you.

  35. ^I think I know why you are single.

  36. You are as gross as he is!, u should get back together cause both are PATHETIC! yuck

  37. Got to “decaying skin”, I’m not even going to read the rest. Disgusting.

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