Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. I love the demonic cat!

  2. #1 – Apparently no one told these guys that 69’s are easier with your pants off.

    #3 – Awwwwww, beached whale mating season…

  3. The demon cat is the only awesome thing about this post.

  4. And of course #4 is a certifiable douche.

  5. Demon kitty FTW!!

    The last one is worse than that other douche being tough with the rainbow curtains.

  6. Picture #2: I need a old Vet and a young Vet… THE POWER OF PURINA COMPELS YOU!!

  7. Basement cat strikes again.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Is that a yellow dildo on the counter in the cat one?

  9. Cat says: Quit taking pictures and feed me, btch!

  10. Coyotes killed my cat (Willie) but I think you all knew that.

    Oh, and I’d do that chick in the foreground of #3 .. you all possibly knew that as well.

  11. I love the cat one! I have a few demon pictures of my cat but none quite as terrifying looking as that one.

  12. Good Kitty. I see nothing wrong with it, mine looks like that perpetually but with more claws out

  13. I didn’t notice the cat till the comments. I thought the lame part was because she’s not wearing a black bra with her black top and thus making her boobs a focal point, which is probably a deliberate move on her part. David’s trying to pimp for his loney-looking cat lady aunt (god help me if I ever give off that image!)

  14. I guess that’s why they call ’em “Background Checks”.

  15. @throwingtofu:
    just letting you know.. couldn’t se that last two pictures, so at first i thought you were talking about yourself…cuz in the comments, you’re number 4. just thought i’d share that….

  16. is that pedro in the last pic?

  17. Dukey, I’m not sure what you’re looking at there, buddy. I can’t see anything on the bench resembling a dildo. That’s just wishful thinking on your part.

    Anyway, I bet if you stuck a pin in that woman’s head it would burst. Again, just wishful thinking…

  18. hpfan2dmax: Oops, haha. Didn’t even notice I was 4 til you pointed that out. Don’t get me wrong, I can be just as self-deprecating as the next guy, but calling oneself a certifiable douche would definitely be crossing that line…. unless of course I took pictures like THAT dude.

  19. Dukey & Pervert: I don’t see anything resembling a dildo either, but David is a terrible photographer. Either that, or perhaps he knows that the top half of that woman’s head is even harder on the eyes than the bottom half.

  20. The cat has turned demonic because of the woman’s fatness and appalling dress sense. The tea-towel may also have been a contributing factor.

  21. I don’t see what’s wrong with the second.. OMFSM! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!

  22. B

  23. I’m not a cat lover at the best of times, so that scared the shit out of me! Right, am giving up looking for this dildo.

  24. The cat is screaming for help because it knows she’s going to eat it!!!

  25. Damn it!

    If Alex hadn’t been fucking around taking photos I’d have completely smashed the upside down mouth fucking world record.

    The twatbag.

  26. Oh shit, hide your family! Ursula has disguised herself as a person and Flotsam as a cat!

  27. #3 is stupid, they’re not humping. even a cursory glance at the picture shows that the “thing” behind the girl is walking at an angle towards the camera while the girl is looking down into the water at something

    plus, i don’t care how hillbillie nympho you are, no body ever fucks on a deserted beach standing up in the water.

  28. Lovely, aggressive, freakish pussy

    But exactly did David want to immortalize with that picture?

    The rest is making my head hurt

  29. what* did… dammit

  30. the side of the chair kind of looks like a penis, no? but it’s neither yellow nor on the counter :S

  31. OMG it’s soooooo obvious.
    All the way to the right, on top of the counter there’s something that might be kind of yellowish..but i’m pretty sure it’s not a dildo. If it was, it would be quite small. I don’t see the pleasure in that.

    He also could be referring to the bag of carrots on the left.

  32. W

  33. I can has exorcism?

  34. How come people don’t check their photos before posting them?

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