Monday, January 23, 2012

More Timelinin’

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  1. Not right.

  2. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @1 I couldn’t agree more, the first one sends kids the wrong message. Arson is by far the leading cause of property damage due to fire, therefore not something to taken lightly.

  3. The first one is pretty cool, except for the hand on his chin.

  4. Win may have meant #2. Homework should not be put off to the last minute.

  5. WOW, nice name blur fail on #2.

    Michael Gonzo… (slow clap) well played, Lamebook, well played.

  6. *Gonzales…. sorry. Epic fail there, Lamebook.

  7. Hasn’t italicized bitch seen these yet?

  8. It looks like “Gonzo” to me, Stubby. Perhaps this is the timeline of our very own commenter named Gonzo. Maybe he really IS named Gonzo.

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m still waiting for the porn timeline.

  10. @Beatus, nickname might be Gonzo but…

  11. Where’d you get Gonzales from?

  12. Pedo bear really made me LOL

  13. ^in 2005?

  14. yawnnnn

  15. Age does not bring wisdom. For example, crusty, or possibly someone else, is no doubt older than myself and yet has this weird notion that Elvis was better than the Backstreet Boys.

  16. they are both underwhelming.
    But I do enjoy that Elvis shares a thread with pedo bear. Elvis being a famous (forgiven) pedophile.

  17. Oh, MsAnneThrope, quit playing games with my heart.

  18. Elvis was a pedo? I knew Lewis Caroll was, but I hadn’t heard about Elvis.

  19. Did Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis ever share girls when they were on tour, I wonder?

  20. Paedo Bear is sick… I mean look at the line up of ugly little ducklings, fucking ballerinas or not, i’d not let one of them pirouette anywhere near my pole…. except for the one on the far left…and the one in the middle.. and the one second from right, but apart from that their all fucking munters, except for the two at that back.

  21. ^fuck off, nonce. Or I will shoot you in your fucking face. With my internet gun.

  22. ^fuck off, bi-curiouslesbocunt. Or I will shoot you in your fucking face. With my glue squirting meat pole.

  23. hah. come at me bro.

  24. ^Ok, I’m not supporting msanne or anything but you need to work a lot on your comebacks.

  25. you are supporting me. just admit it.
    it wont make me any less derisive, but you can attain ‘victimhood’ status and, truly, that is the best you can hope for.

  26. I wouldn’t have you any other way, baby.

  27. Weak…

    This is not how I remember the game being played.. all this bro, baby, ‘victimhood’ etc it’s like listening to two vagina’s squabbling over who has the strongest odour and which is the sloppiest… Ultimately it’s pointless because their both just cunts.

  28. *they’re

  29. *They’re* OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH now i know why people correct grammar, fuck that was intense.

  30. I’d say you we’re both anal, but we all know wear that would leed… that’s wright two, too massive baby sacks slapping against your winking ringers.

  31. *you’re

  32. MsAnne’s aren’t massive.

    MsAnne, this is kinda embarrassing. It looks like i’ve copied you, but I haven’t. So i’ll take this time to point out the time of each post, the bitch pipped me to the post.

  33. @ms, It was kind of funny then too

  34. i don’t get this picture

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