Friday, January 20, 2012

That’s Cold

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  1. FROST!!!!

  2. Hahaha well played sir! Well played indeed

  3. I miss suroor.

  4. Paranoid Android72

    Me too, I also miss things being funny on here. Does anyone remember Soup on here?

  5. Yeah, it was nice when the laughs from the comments section made up for the lameness of the site.

  6. Does anyone remember when the comments section wasn’t full of tears and bitter disappointment?

  7. Saunkhogben, I miss that too, Those where the days. especially the guy who was as dumb as a stump, and would get people all worked up and ended up being a girl who was fucking with everybody? What was “his” name? Kinda reminds me of MsAnne except the stupid part. But exactly how they both get incredible enjoyment in fucking with people. FUCK! What was that characters name?

    And while down memory lane, who was the guy who had a band and would link the videos to his moniker here? Man, he was a dick head, but his videos were good. Ok SNAP! Back to reality.

  8. More puns…

  9. Paradroid, my old friend. I stop in from time to time, but all the hot bitches who used to frequent this joint have flown the coop.

    laugh.out.loud: Yoink. And maybe alordslums?

  10. Puns are the lowest form of humour.

  11. Paranoid Android72

    Meh! I’ll just focus my energy on being a bitter fucktard with no redeeming qualities, seems to work for some on here.

  12. The comments section is fun. It’s enjoyable to watch people insult each other so much. Not much else to talk about really…

  13. oh and puns are shit, they’re all set up previously and are generally shit.

  14. I read the comments from time to time, I honestly don’t understand why some of you moan so much. If you think it’s shit go somewhere else instead and stop bitching. You don’t have to visit the site if it actually upsets you that much.

  15. Everyone here has the most valid point, if you come here often enough you will know that already.

  16. Thanks Soup! they are exactly who I was talking about. You guys really made my days with the extra commentary. Paranoid Android, and a few others too 🙂

  17. in this thread;- circle jerking.

  18. in fact, I would go so far as to say that this would have been similar to the conversation in the room shortly before Lemon Party broke out and got down to business.

  19. Jeesh! C’mon Ms.Anne, you can do better than that.

  20. She actually can`t. She just discovered LP and finds it edgy and interesting. She continues to make me believe that she is well over 40 and pathetically desperate for attention.

  21. ^cry some moar, little girl Only your tears and whining truly turn me on. Which is really kinda neat, because your sole contribution to this site is bitching pointlessly to me.

  22. Yikes. As a German, seeing anti-hilarious shit like this, I can’t help but wonder if it’s not so much our lack of a sense of humour but higher standards that make us the seemingly unfunniest people on earth.

  23. ^It’s probably the extensive history of fascism that makes you seem miserable. Never once have the Germans been accused of excessive intelligence

  24. You’re right, the Nazis were not exactly smart, but worse still, they killed millions. But still, this shit is not funny at all. I think I made my point.

  25. Never once have I heard the Germans be accused of NOT having excessive intelligence, actually.
    Granted, Hegel, Kant, and Heidegger were pretty pathetic, but otherwise…
    And you know, the Nazis may have been immoral, but they were smart enough to take over the country and turn the economy around in short order.

  26. That’s how the nazis were perceived, immoral. Fuck you judas you fucking cunt.

  27. fuck you german nazi bitches!

  28. MsAnne is a closet Nazi

  29. I have German in me on Mondays, Wednesdays and twice on Saturday.

  30. ‘moar’ ? This isn’t fourchan msanne

  31. ^I was running low on stuff to piss you off with, so I just used the lowest common denominator. Just about everything else is fucking wasted on you, anyway.

  32. Quick survey here. Who was either beaten, molested, or raped as a child?

  33. freddy was.

  34. I really have nothing to say

  35. ^^ Really fucking pleased you dropped by to give us that insightful nugget of information.

  36. ^^Really fucking pissed you ranted and raved about being really fucking pissed

  37. Do you mean ‘pissed’ in the american sense of being ‘irate’? or the way the rest of the world takes it as, ‘intoxicated’? Or do you just mix that shit up and get drunk and angry?
    I’d forgive you for that.

  38. lol.,

  39. Ah, yes Hawkbit, but I don’t care for your opinion so you’re shit out of luck there. Whereas you clearly DO care for mine as it got you “pissed”. And to further emphasise Msanne’s point (please don’t think i’m siding with you, Msanne) but do you mean pissed as in irate? Or pissed as in intoxicated? Because if it’s the latter, I’m glad I intoxicate you so much. If it’s the former, I’m glad I get to you.

  40. Ha Snow puns! Their funny because they all contain some sort of reference or association with snow or cold things, HA!…

    I wish I knew Blaise.. so I could fucking lock the humourless cunts corpse in my freezer.. SNOW!

    I need more snow pun practice.

  41. ^you need more ‘human’ practice, you horrifying creature.

  42. ^Now now that’s not very ice is it?

    Annnnd I practice on humans all the time too, so fuckadoodleyou.

  43. Oh sure. Of course you do.
    Only, screaming at them incoherently thru’ mommy’s basement window while you jack-off into a handful of your own shit doesn’t really count.

  44. Who’s to say that doesn’t count?!

    Who died and made you El Presidente of the Fecal Knuckle Shuffle Association? .. It was daddy wasn’t it?

    Look, if you’re gonna revoke my FKSA Licence just fucking do it instead of getting all flirty with me.

  45. is that it? you’d just roll over like the whipped bitch of bureaucracy? man, when they come for my FKSA, I like to think I’d put up a bit more of a battle.

  46. I’ve been Moonlighting for the last couple of years with the Shitty Handjob Institute of Theologians (SHIT’s) so I don’t give a fucking brown wank what you do with my licence to be honest.

  47. ^this is one my favourite responses to anything, ever.

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