Friday, September 11, 2009

Listen to Grandma.


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  1. heather sounds like a fucking shrink.

  2. Aw, she missed Lil Weezy… I’d be crying too, grandma.

  3. GRANDMA’s the only one who made a grammar/spelling mistake. What a stupid bitch of a grandma.

  4. I think when Nicole wanted to cry because Lil Weezy was canceled was more of a clue that she is uneducated.

  5. Gramma has bad grammar. Who’s uneducated now?

  6. doesn’t grandma mean “you’re” not very educated?

    haha parrrrrrrr

  7. Oh yes. Grandma has a point though. Swearing is one of the things that can make you seem really stupid I think, even though when you’re really hacked off it’s a good way of expressing it. But if that was my grandma that Kellie girl was disrespecting, she would probably wanna stay out of my way.

  8. I love, love, LOVE Heather’s comment!

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