Friday, September 11, 2009

Frusterating Patterns


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  1. Let me guess the next word is going to be frusterated

  2. give her a break Jeremy, she did say she was tired and fustErated…. shees

    long time reader, first time poster…

  3. Eye ken spel reel gud.

  4. ya

  5. This reminds me of my Uncle Jeff, whom I mentioned in the previous entry (re: dumbledore)

    I don’t want to offend anyone here, so you can read it

  6. All those in favour of AnonisGay getting the hell off the internets and dying in a fire, please say “GTFO”.

  7. Emlyn – AnonisGay is just trying to make a meme much like Daisy on; leave them be if they wish to try. Some will ignore, others will enjoy. Each to their own.

  8. GTFO

  9. I think AnonisGay should have a blog to write all this on. Sorry but this isn’t therapy we can’t help you here. I bet there are sick people out there who will actually get off on reading about your tragic life you should write a blog to entertain them! 🙂

  10. LOL Anon

    @ Emlyn – what about that long winded drivel you posted in “Wish you the Best Mate”? At least Anon is amusing. Kind of…

  11. That long-winded drivel was the beautiful, emotive and influential “Parents Just Don’t Understand”, by the voice of our generation (Will Smith), who is a viking warrior among men.

  12. Emlyn, that reminds me of my Uncle Tyrone who listened to Big Willie alllll day long. He said he liked Big Willie, which is why he liked me. Apparently in the early 1920’s, the Government tried an experiment on a random family (what are the odds it was us?) and all the males in our family were injected with a serum; it made their penis size double. Great Grandpappy Cornelius shot from an 8 to a 16, obliterating any woman who fell in love with him. These modified genetics were then passed on to all kin, including myself. Uncle Tyrone married into the family and therefore only has a laughable 4-incher. The exponential growth that occurs when offspring is formed means that I am left with a 24-inch anaconda. It is for this reason that I am in constant danger, fighting / running from the Chinese government who want to catch me to assist them in ending their international shame in their lack of manhood.

  13. OMG if it was Will Smith then by all means… drivel.

    PS Viking warrior? Hmmm you might want to look up a description.

  14. Jeremy FTW.
    Huked on Phonix werked 4 me!

  15. Sense of humour failure in STC. Man the harpoons!

  16. I Cannnot reed goode, but muh spelin is spektakular

  17. Everybody eat shit

    These goddamn comments are lamer than the entry! And yes, anonis gay can eat shit and die, yet here I am reading this crap, I’ll usually skip his comment cuz it’s too fucking long and pointless

  18. @Everybody eat shit
    I agree-usually the comments make me crack up, but not this time. Thanks anonis gay for making that happen!

  19. yu know, everyone will eventually end up on lamebook, from some off these comments, I can just imagine how a minute on your facebook pages would make me LoL straight to death

  20. did i just say some off!!!…..yeah im frusteratd too of coursei meant of…now shut up about it

  21. Eh, I always ignore AnonisGay. My eyes glaze over involuntarily whenever I see his name.

  22. HAHAHA HOW DID THIS GET ON HERE!!! AMAZING! I am the jeremy in this!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!111

  23. I agree with Jason… just ignore AnonisGay’s posts if you don’t like them. I usually laugh at how off-the-wall his posts are (its impressive, really), and them how subsequently everyone else gets all bent out of shape. So I guess I’m alone in saying this, but I hope he doesn’t quit.

  24. Jeremy – u got your Andy Warhol 15 minutes. Wow, u rock.

    *WTF is the sarcasm font on this site*

    Emlyn – you have IQ failure.

  25. Fuck off. Screw you. Jeremy is stupid. :]

  26. proper spelling this time jenna. . . thats a first. and STC dont be a dumb cunt…

  27. LMFAO

  28. Jeremy, you do know that I am twenty times smarter than you. I will from now on check the spelling on EVERYTHING you say.
    k thanks.

  29. Also, all the people who write on here are dumb cunts Jeremy. They just write on here to see who will respond to their dumb ass comments because no one will talk nor listen to them in person. Sad but true story.

  30. 25 – 29 time for your nap kiddies

  31. Holy hell! What’s happening to the lamebook comments section. They’re all flamewars and bullying and stealing identities and stuff. Who cares?


    I can see what Anonisgay is trying to do. He’s not nearly funny enough to pull it off, and it’s a bit clicheed, which is why so many people find it annoying, but the idea has potential. Give him a few more days and see if he can pick up the quality of writing.

  32. GTFO AnnoyingusGay

    yeah. take that.

    No one actually thinks you are funny. Although I’ll give you kudos for not staying the course. but still… fuck off

  33. Glad you don’t generalise Kaoss…

    AnonisGay is amusing but you’d need a brain to understand why.

  34. Ok, this made me lmfao! 😀

  35. @Jeremy Next time you make fun of someone’s spelling meke sure you can spell “Yeah, you”

  36. what does meke mean


  38. Two Thumbs Up!

  39. 2 motherfuckers were drunk when they were voting to this… 😀

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