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  1. Harry Potter is srs business.
    Alyssa needs to stop being an illiterate bitch.



  4. This might be my favourite Lamebook ever.

    I love how she says she has a life, so is too busy to read. Then says she’s been at camp. Camp? That’s a busy life?

  5. I loved how Alyssa was all like “obviously your mind is easily manipulated if you can pass judgement and make assumptions that easily” when she was the the one who actually did it!
    silly little girl, contradicting herself.
    Guess thats what you get for reading harry potter.

  6. Sarah and Alyssa are both nuts!

  7. R. Weasley’s comment has to be my favorite on here. Besides everyone agreeing with me 😛

  8. @Sophie. Ok, that’s funny.

  9. Dumbledore died?

  10. Roberto Rodriguez

    Voldemort killed Harry’s parents.

  11. when the final harry potter book came out, i was working as a waitress. people came into my resturant all day long with thier noses pushed into that book, and got annoyed when i tried to talk to them, and hogged my tables for hours because they couldnt order because they hadnt finished the chapter. it was so frustrating.

    so you know what i did? i went to borders and read the last few chapters of that book. and anyone with that book that was even the slightest bit rude to me? i told them exactly what happened.

    its a book people.

  12. hannah – that’s AWESOME. Love it.

  13. Hannah – That is so not awesome. I see you are not a big reader and have little empathy for other people. Encourage people to read, not the other way around. Some things are worth more than a few dollars in tips.

  14. Alyssa needs to get laid. NOW.

  15. ya rly

  16. OMG I actually know these people… That’s sad.

  17. Alyssa is so gay.

  18. 89 thank you, I watched the last movie is editing no longer in fashion?

  19. Oh I WISH I was friends with one of them, I would have written every spoiler from the last book. Would’ve been epic!

  20. Spoiler! Alyssa: Hermione and Ron get married! AND Harry and Ginny get married! I’m mad at the writter for giving away the movie in her book. Ruined it for me…

  21. wow alyssa loves harry potter enough to get that defensive about spoilers… yet she has never read the books?

  22. If you’re relying on the movies to tell the Harry Potter story then you deserve to have the story spoiled. The movies are a load of crap, pick up the damn books if you’re that interested.

  23. alyssa needs to calm the hell down.

  24. John Players Standard

    Man I trolled LOST so hard with my spoilers. Fucking great times.

  25. ahh I remember the happy day when the 6th Harry Potter book came out…someone bought it that day, read it over the weekend, and then printed out loads of signs saying SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE and stuck them *everywhere* in our college…you would not believe how many 17/18 year olds had hissy fits that day 🙂

  26. Oh, Ross and Rachel ended up together. Sorry…

  27. DORKS

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