Thursday, September 10, 2009

That Hit the Spot


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  1. wow lol because chinese people eat cats lol

  2. Deep flied cat

  3. I think you meant “fwied”.

  4. racism would be so much more effective coming from people with a mastery of the english language and the ability to spell basic words within it.

  5. He declawed his cat? That’s terrible.

  6. @(*0*)@

    Happy Koala Super Fun Team Great

  7. how is this lame… it’s a couple of guys joking around…

  8. You're a fucking moron

    @7 dratic

    Lamebook is for fun and the name says it all: We post lame and funny pictures, status updates, and other gems found on your favorite social networking site.

  9. >^,,^< Kitty Cat Ching Chang Wong

  10. Hahahahha me likey.

  11. Wish I could declaw the person giving the poor cat away. and Chris too. Idiots.

  12. I’m growing very tired of the grammar/spelling lessons…

  13. @Ratcoon……….I agree.

  14. Wow, a fifty year old hackneyed joke, truly worthy of enshrinement. Be sure to let us know when someone posts a gag about their TV being stolen.

  15. How do I let this person know I want the cat..?

  16. Ya, Ratcoon, I agree. How many times will smarty-pants commenters like wowokay say, “Lame, would have been effective if spelled or punctuated properly…” YAWN!
    Here’s a tip, get over yourselves the rest of us can overlook an abbreviation or mistake here and there. It’s not medical school for crying out loud. So save your comment, no need to state the obvious.

  17. @Aaron Poehler

    You haven’t heard about my mother-in-law, have you?

  18. HUR HUR HUR them Chinese people eat dogs and cats! What barbarians! We stick to eating OTHER domestic animals that make good pets! HUR HUR HUR


  20. Has Canaduck got a furball perhaps?

  21. wowokay @4 What the fuck? – that is exactly how you spell Chinese deep flied…

  22. @Mnr Burger: was referring to “resteraunt”
    @Ratcoon, Cheerbear: Of course it’s not medical school, but I think spelling lessons are relevant when you’re talking about somebody making fun of foreigners.

    Interestingly enough, nobody actually eats cat in Asia. Or Egypt, for that matter.

  23. haha, i get it, haha

  24. A new twist to MeowMix Cat food…served right next to Chowmeow

  25. @wowokay – maybe not, but they do eat them when they come over here (with their fancy trousers, etc)

  26. @myself: “do they” not “they do”.

    (This is how I failed law my law degree)

  27. I have an uncle from China, his name is Uncle Chom-Bok-Fon-Wen. He was visiting us last summer–his first trip to North America. When we talked over the phone and internets, he asked questions about this side of the solar system–which side of the road we drive on, if McDonalds is everything they make it up to be, and whether or not Disneyland was actually operated by Nazis.

    Anyways, he also asked about the family. I told him we had a pet cat. He said he loved cats. Now Mr. Tumblesworth (tumbly) was the greatest cat ever. When Chommy came over, we all had a great time, going to museums, explaining to him why communism is bad and how the Western media portrays China as a dirty shithole.

    Anyway, besides the fact that Chommy refused to get out of the passing lane (even while going well below the speed limit) and merged without looking/signaling, he was an excellent chef. The night prior to his departure, he offered to make dinner for us all. It was a very delicious stir fry, with the tenderest meat I’ve ever had.

    The only bad thing about this whole trip was that Mr. Tumblesworth vanished before Chommy left. Damn I miss that cat.

  28. I heard they have a new item on the menu – General Meow’s Chicken.

  29. Everybody eat shit

    All these comments are the same, someone will bitch about grammar, someone will bitch about the person bitching, then anonymous gay will write a 2 paragraph entry about how his uncle molested him, like anyone gives a shit

  30. @Everybody eat shit

    Chommy never molested me. How dare you. He was a kind, caring man who just couldn’t drive for beans.


    (and yes, I have a cat, and I still think this is funny)

  32. Everybody eat shit

    I guess it’s not molesting if u ask for it

  33. @wowokay: they may not eat cat, but they do eat dog and live monkey brain.

    I’m Asian, not at all a fan of stereotypical Asian humor, but I actually found this quite funny. Asians eat all sorts of weird things, but that’s not even the point. The joke was just set up well.

  34. I for one, feel that AnonisGay’s output is wickedly funny. I love a good short story, written with honesty and feeling.

  35. Haha good one, STC (#20).

  36. I have a cat who’s driving me crazy:


  37. OK, that was fucking funny.

  38. There are mean people in this world. Why would anyone give away their cat for free to any random person. Idiot!

  39. ROFLMAO!! I just laughed so loud I woke my cat.

  40. I use to live next to an Asian restaurant and one time my cat went missing. Definitey thought they ate him. I found him first
    Now thats a lame story

  41. Was it Time magazine that had that delectable puppy…?

  42. @Anonisgay How many uncles do you have? seriously

  43. Hilarious

  44. awesome

  45. Ok the cat has now decided to sleep on my head in the night and wake me up by licking my hair. What am I doing wrong?

  46. Hihi, that was a pretty cool pointe.

  47. Man, I’m on page 110 of this site, I think, and this is the first to make me actually laugh out loud, brilliant.

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