Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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  1. The headline is grammatically correct, a malapropism does not fall under the purview of grammar if is nonetheless a correct part of speech. In other words, ‘grammar’ does not mean what you think it means; pot, say hello to kettle.

  2. I thought that too, Rubert. Sounds more like a case of expecting spellcheck to do all the work.

  3. And then how about the “two image combination”. Come on. Really. This is not a “two image combination”. This is “two images”.

  4. And somehow “Chesica” is a name.

    Goddammit. Name your kids proper names, retards. They’re going to end up average and typical, that is stupid. Stop thinking you’re breaking the mold.

  5. The pitcher’s name was Frog. Not his fault, blame the parents.

    On a similar note: “Chesica” is, as far as I can recall, an amalgamation of the names “Chelsea”, “Jessica” and “Stupid Thick White Trash”.

  6. “Well, I’m gonna be boycotting all games now if they’re lettin’ amphibious people in the ball park. It’s just not right I tell ya’ll, it’s not natural ! God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Newt!” 😉

  7. The Beast Among Us

    The image is ‘Shopped.

    And Chesica sounds like the name of a top-heavy stripper.

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