Thursday, April 29, 2010

Terrible TypOHs

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  1. Perhaps, they are the very few surviving enthusiast of president Roosevelt’s 1870s “simpler spelling reform” ?

  2. My younger brother’s name is Jaxon. My mom found the name Jax and completely loved it. However my dad wouldn’t let her name him simply “Jax”. So they went with Jaxon instead. I have seen names that are much worse on here…

  3. I like Daniel. At least he’s honest about his lack of knowledge.

  4. I hear that lipo suckons is much cheaper than liposuction.

  5. Caleb forgot *Jackson

  6. lol

    I’ll give Kenneth lipo suckons.

  7. Alright well, I could be wrong but I THINK Chinko is quoting a GORILLAZ song (Clint Eastwood) When he says “Caqe” It should actually be cage. That and the whole “Sunshine in a bag” thing. But is clearly really high…on paint thinner.

  8. Why do people think it’s cool to write like that? What the fuck?

  9. This is brilliant! i’ve got kenneth as one of my friends on fb and i remember thinking about how seriously terrible his spelling was on this status update, although you should read his other ones, they’re just as bad if not worse!

  10. Someone needs to tell Caleb that periods go inside quotations marks. If you’re going to be picky about grammar, you’d better really know about what you are talking.
    Ha. Ha.

  11. @LXIX
    Umm, no. Since it’s not a period at the end of the quote, the period goes after. 🙂

  12. Not true, saralooo. LXIX is right. The period always goes inside the quote if a quote is at the end of the sentence.

  13. Actually, this is a difference between US and UK English. US English has a rule– in my mind, a wholly illogical one (and I am an American myself)– that no matter whether the period goes with the quoted material or not, it goes inside the quotes. In UK English, however, this is not the case: the period belongs inside the quotes only if it actually part of the quoted material. So what Caleb wrote was fine in UK English.

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