Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drop Out

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  1. Oh please, we’ve all claimed intense, explosive diarrhea in our sleep to get out of class. pff lame…

  2. Why would anyone write a w as a v with a slash through it?

    It took me 30 seconds to figure out the word “woke”.

  3. lovely penmanship.

  4. Im in love with this persons hand writing.

  5. I came here to comment on the note however when I read the comments I forgot what I was going to say so I will replace it with. Alen002 if TWSS is that great would you kindly fuck off back there and tell people what your girlfriend said about your microscopic dick. Thanks.

  6. Wow, uoykcuf, that was kind of harsh. Probably true, but still…

  7. Is that person’s name Presdent? I guess their parents had high aspirations

  8. yeah uoykcuf take it easy dude….it did suck though

  9. @DaDesertRat it’s not harsh he’s been spamming every post for days and to be fair I was polite.

  10. Was this written with a no. 2 pencil? Are handwritten notes still acceptable? This school must be a dump if it buys this mierda, and this kid should be on a stool in the corner wearing a dunce cap.

  11. This note makes me happy in the pants.

  12. @uoykcuf: I agree with you – just giving you a hard time. That guy/girl/transgender really needs to stay on that site and stay away from here.

  13. This looks like a teenage girl wrote it.

  14. My instincts were “written by his girlfriend, at his dictation”. Surprised there weren’t little hearts over the i’s.
    The lettering should be a font, though: love the w’s.

  15. I was thinking the note was written by his sister or girlfriend – definitely not his mother, though.

    @fenchurch: I was looking for the little hearts, too.

  16. When writing this, did Eric not think it could quite likely backfire on him, leaving him known as the Diarrhea Kid for the rest of his high school life?

    Also, fuck off Aleen, if anybody on here wanted to go to your shitty out-of-date-joke site, they’d have gone when you first asked us to, seven billion identical comments ago.

  17. is Aleen the new Ben!?!

    if so, Aleen is Frodo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I thought alen was a bot that just posted the same shit everyday and it will never stop until destroyed. I just can’t imagine a human so f******* annoying that he spams so much because he had a pineapple shoved too far up his ass and only feels better about it by being a pineapple up someone elses ass with his crappy shit.

  19. Can we please get the banhammer out for the stupid “thatswhatshesaid” site douche?

  20. It’s really lazy spamming too “Hey I found a great site but you have to look for it yourself!”

  21. who spams without a direct link?? I mean who does that? I also like the handwriting. It has an urban graffiti flare to it.

  22. well, glad that’s settled!


  23. @howdy I think the name is “Perlita”

    At first glance it looks very neatly written but, as I started to read it, it became difficult – the letters were all smushed together…

    She also forgot the “h” in stomach.

    Of course, my spelling and grammar isn’t all that great either, so eh * shrugs *

  24. Spam spam spam wonderful spam spam spam spammity spaaaaaaaam

  25. i don’t want any spam.

  26. I.don’t.want no spam.
    Spam is for guys that can’t get no ham, you see.
    Hangin’ out the passenger side
    of their best friends ride,
    So that they can order at Rally’s/Checker’s left side drive thru.

  27. haha mcowles , you just made my laugh at louded (you see what i did there) and got me the review my high rating in the way people have reviewed greece’s credit rating

    funny and lame at once , you sir are a true lamebooker

  28. I’m thinking it’s true though…he does say “Mega Room Cleanup” under the note pic.

  29. @Father Sha

    I always see what you do, everywhere. I’m like Santa Claus, but without the pants.

    I think you’re also right up there in the lamebooker ranks as well.

  30. “@howdy I think the name is “Perlita””

    One of the commenters is Presdent though, not on the note.

    I can believe it’s real. I’ve seen a lot of mothers who never gave up their high school font.

  31. uoykcuf- i thought you telling aleen (or however it’s spelled) to fuck off was awesome. that’s what she said jokes are so fucking old. they stopped being funny like idk… a year ago!

  32. @ mcowles , so you are that fat old bloke lurking outside my house , i was always wondering what he was doing there

  33. @Father Sha

    He’s licking his lips
    and checking you out twice.
    He’s gonna find out that you’re naughty,
    which to him is nice.

    He’s coming… onto the side of your house.

    He knows when you are sleeping…
    He knows when you’re awake.
    He know when you’ve been bad, so bad,
    your anal virginity he will take.

  34. Oh wait… am I the “he”?


  35. Damn…I thought we successfully scared off Alen. He definitely needs the banhammer. Your site sucks, Alen.

  36. SomeRandomChick

    uoykcuf was being nice…. too nice… Alenno2 kindly fuck off.

  37. My sentiments exactly RandomChick.

  38. pearls-before-swine

    I dunno about the handwriting thing. I’m in my mid 20’s and still have the same weird/swirly handwriting as I did in high school.

    I do know that I laughed really fucking hard at this, though. Whether or not it’s real or fake, that is a creative story. “Shit himself in his sleep and totally didn’t know it.”

  39. mcowles

    You know i am preserving my anal virginity for the captain of the football team , so you’ll have to wait a bit

  40. @ Soup
    I think he was already on a stool.

  41. At the end it sounds like a poem:
    “…and couldn’t control himself during the night.
    You should have been there to see it, it was an awful sight.”

    I’d like to finish the lines of his poem:
    “And therefore this pressing note I do write
    as my “son” withers in shitty delight.
    My handwriting looks like I drank too much Vodka last night.
    I am a tool.”

  42. i love the calligraphy. We should all take a class.

  43. jesus christ, glad my mum wasn’t like that!!! hey, where’s spooky these days?

  44. That is the biggest get out of school note win I’ve seen. And quite possibly the messiest.

  45. @NoLongerTroll

    I guess I can’t slide anything by you. My face is flushed with embarrassment. Poop.

  46. I so LOLed at “You should have been there to see it…”
    But I missed “… to dill with it!” 🙂

    @fenchurch: I was hoping for the little hearts, it would have been awesome to read diarrhea with a lovely heart on top!

  47. lol

  48. signed, epstein’s mother

  49. Ah, when I have a son, I’m gonna write his teacher THIS note.

  50. I wouldn’t for a second believe this as a teacher.

    And I must be in the minority for thinking the handwriting is irritating. I had friends who wrote like that in middleschool, ugh.

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