Thursday, April 29, 2010

Personal PhoDOHs!

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  1. hello mother
    hello daughter
    i just popped
    a big fat boner

  2. LOL MOM

  3. Forgive me if I sound “retarted”, but who does the comment moderation, and what trigger a comment to be delayed for moderation?

    I mean, I know that LB isn’t run by soulless robots (they’re all taken up by civil and fed gov’t jobs), but I’m curious to peek behind the curtain. Anyone have the answer as to who the LB Oz is?

  4. @ miss shegas

    cun+ and f@g both will trigger review… those are all i have discovered thus far

  5. slimjayz, now that song is stuck in my head. with your version of the lyrics. thank you.

    And Miss Shegas, my comments were all waiting moderation, but it’s because somewhere on my LB profile I still had my real FB link or e-mail…and it had something to do with that. And privacy or some shit.

  6. Ohhh man, these comments.

    You guys!!! I l’dol.

    Y’all just made my day.

  7. @Miss Shegas

    If you type adm*n, it will also be moderated…

    Certain websites will also (while others don’t)… so it’s best not to post them, or to do something like:

    www (dot) yahoo (dot) com.


    Not only did I reply to you, but I also agreed 100% with you. Hmmm, then I replied to you again! Right here, at this very moment! It is as special for me, as it is for you, trust me.

  8. @Miss Shegas

    The Powers That Be asked me to be a moderator, but they didn’t give me any instructions. So I just flag random words to confuse people.

  9. @dawn

    haha, l’dol is awesome… I l’dol, just from reading it.

    I always hated the grammatically incorrect “lol’d”… Who laughs out louded?

  10. AGREED.

  11. I am so confused right now.

  12. @29 SeaBee – I had completely forgotten about the fuck out my anger girl! Thanks for reminding me, that was sad but also amazing. Didn’t that entry get taken down?

    @ Miss Shegas – Back in the day you could also get moderated for mentioning the names of people who were banned from here, like the dude who started the ‘retart’ thing. I’ve forgotten his name. It started with an F.

  13. hehe mittens dont mention the F … he might come back to haunt us

  14. LOL MOM!! ROFL…

  15. LOL “Are you taking a dump in the wilderness?”

    What a picture to upload.

  16. Not only does the “prom” couple look like they’re in their 30s but the 21st birthday girl looks rather middle-aged.

  17. LOL, spam is lame! I just found a site that’s like taking a dump in the wilderness, but instead has a picture of Alen002. It’s really funny! Just google alenlovescock and the site should come up as the first result.

  18. @soup i wouldn’t be surprised. i had a perfectly fine post the other day that was awaiting moderation. i mean of all the posts that should be moderated, that wasn’t one of them.

  19. Sorry Father Sha, I was not using my brian. I shall not speak of it again. That was a dark time in Lamebook history..

  20. dont flex (o) yourself mittens hehe

  21. Holy shit, me thinks I just got modded!

    Soupy, I replied to you, and commented on the address your name associates you with. I come back through to see what’s up, and no Miss Shegas reply to Soup. That is heavy, man. Meta, even.

    Ah, eff it; I’ve got to complete these stupid sales tax returns anyhow.

  22. Im always up for laying down some grade A quality fertilizer on mother nature. She loves that shit.

  23. I saw the word C go through unmoderated the other day, I think it was on the post where everyone was commenting about a day for pot and screwing.

    I thought I was seeing things at first, but it went through!
    The guy commenting wrote an alternative, and said he was being moderated, and the next minute, his original comment came through, above the other one.
    True story.

    As for this post, gotta love a black man called Quincy.

  24. Miss Shegas, I work in mysterious ways. I’m fairly certain that the link in my name got changed at some point for reasons I’m not privy to. It’s like getting blindsided with a pie to the face.

  25. @ soup

    pie to the face… thats what she said!!! speaking of thats what she said I found this great site with thats what she said moments… just google alen is a twat and it will come up

  26. Yes I’m right just checked back.

    It was on the post “A shatty situation”. last Friday 23rd April.

    The C word in all its glory.

  27. LOL Dixie.

    I just came back to this thread and can’t believe that d-bag, Alen spammed his spammy spam right after my comment. He’s like thread herpes.

  28. Soup makes raging alcoholism fun.
    Slim, I looked it up and all I got was gay porn, the twss link was at the bottom of the page.

  29. But to be fair nuff, it’s pretty fun on its own, too.

  30. Amen Miss Shegas.

  31. Well I’ve typed in the C word, to see what happens.

    Of course it awaiting moderation at this point, but we’ll see if it comes through later like it did for the commenter on that other post.

  32. Miss, it’s always more fun in groups though. I haven’t quite upgraded to raging alcoholism yet though, I’m still a part-time alcoholic. I need to save the rest of that beer money for hockey.

  33. nuff, I have a fridge full of beer, and I’m not afraid to use it.

  34. *jealous* all I’ve made recently is my 4 person beer bong, and damn does it ever work well. Next project is the balcony beer bong. Though there’s nothing quite like a bonfire, guitars and passing around the chrondigs on a weekend with a few beers. Which reminds me, mine starts tomorrow, w00t. Smoke’n’Poke!

  35. Well looks like it ain’t gonna come through, the lamebook moderator last week must have been asleep and/or drunk at his desk, when he let that one past.

  36. i think “lol mom” should be the new “ben”. and glad to see that “ben” caught on. thanks lamebookies! 😉

  37. @iddjit, you really are an idiot if you think that way.
    although it may be gross to use mother nature as our restroom, its completely fine for the environment.

    ever wonder why people fertilize their farm crops with cow manure? its really rich and good for the ground and everything growing in the area.

  38. he was being ironic … check out the post about the irish girl and the lepricons

    Then the concept of irony will become clear to you … this one is on the house.

  39. I got the C word through a couple of days ago… it was Awaiting Moderation for a fair while, and i’d already reposted my comment without it when it came through, but it definitely did…

    Anyway, I’ve been wondering for a looong time now just who the people behind Lamebook are. There’s a lot of well known members on here, yet nobody knows who the Lamebook owners are…

    On a related note, Twitter says they’re appearing at some kind of internet humour site convention thing soon, so I guess they aren’t that secretive.

    Oh, one last thing… anybody remember that Lamebook post a few months back whre they advertised some sort of party for Lamebookers? Yeah… did anybody go to that?

  40. I don’t comment nearly enough to be remembered, but I just wanted to say, and maybe it’s the wine talking, but I love each and every one of you.

    I really wish there was more said in the first one, it seems like something interesting, funny even.

  41. Dancinganimal256

    The first three pics are okay I guess. Not the best but oh well. I cannot comment on the last one since I’ve done something similar to that a few years ago.

  42. First pic: they didn’t go to prom together. He didn’t even go. They had somewhat of a history but they were over when this was taken. The reason he’s being a hurt little bitch about this is because in the next picture in the album she’s with one of her other guy friends who i guess he’s jealous of or something. He definitely didn’t deserve her (guy in the picture). Just wanted to let y’all know.

  43. lamebookistheshit

    cutiepie13223 is right on

  44. some of you ultra enlightened environmental activists dont seem to realize where animals use the restroom at…

  45. I am amazed by the number of people that don’t get it.

  46. @BritishHobo there was a lamebook party? i never heard about that. well Soup i guess we missed our chance.

  47. Seebea , it is frightening that even lamebookposters do not grasp the irony of some posters.

    There are no ultra environmental activists on this topic , they were just being ironic *sigh*

  48. hahaha. i know the girl in the first picture. she is a senior in high school. and this definitely is not on her facebook anymore. dont know any more to the story though.

  49. British Hobo:

    It was in Austin, TX. I was unable to go because I had to work that night. I’m reasonably sure that I’ve read somewhere the geniuses behind Lamebook are based in the grand town that I live in.

    Well…the grand town that I live super close to.

  50. IT ACT, caps lock, it actually says in the FAQ here on lamebook that two graphic designers from my severely awesome hometown of Austin (Live Music Capital Of The World!) in April of 2009.

    also, i like turtles.

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