Friday, May 14, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. BEN.

  2. P.S. Too lame, lamebook.

  3. Frodo.

  4. Maybe Rachel and Ash played together

  5. Benjamin Linus


  6. NormanEinstein

    Yes Charles, it’s Mandarin Spanish.

  7. There isn’t anything wrong with Alexi’s. Payd is not an uncommon abbreviation.

  8. Remember kids, typos make you stupid.

  9. There might have been a twinge of the mouth at the ‘creaming’ one, but the other’s didn’t do much for me. I don’t get how the cum/cup one happened, ‘m’ is nowhere near the ‘p’?

    I’m guessing Ash’s mind was just preoccupied.

  10. Mikefu – If you’d noticed, it was typed on her cell, so it was probably an error with the phone button.

  11. if skittles are either rainbow coloured sweets or a potent drugs cocktail how on earth do you earn that nickname and make it stick without either being 7 years old or DOA?

  12. Dancinganimal256

    I figured Ash to be a guy. Anyways, my faith in humanity dwidled again today. And yes Charles, we do write spanish in in traditional/ simplified characters. We also use Devanagari or the hell of it once in a while. छर्लेस् योउ स्तुपिद् स्तुपिद् मन्.

  13. Dancinganimal256

    *rips off fingers in frustration*

  14. Dancinganimal256

    Damn it!

  15. Dancinganimal256

    *traditional/simplified chinese characters
    And I’m out for the day.

  16. Ahh OhEmGee, how you make me feel like a fool. Thanks though for clearing that up, I always forget that some people’s phones can actually do more than text and call. Plus, even if I had looked and noticed that, I probably still wouldn’t have drawn that conclusion because frankly, I’m an idiot sometimes.

  17. Charles, really? Like….really?

  18. @slippyslappy, um no. PAYD is an acronym meaning pay as you drive but it’s not actually a word. And I doubt Alexi meant pay as you drive so yes, there is something wrong with it.

  19. Know what never ceases to amaze me… The World Cum Game! That’s what!

  20. @OhEmGee

    Since it was typed on an iPhone, one must ask who/what Ash (stupid name, incidentally) has been texting in order for iPhone’s autocorrect feature to have picked “cum” rather than “cup.”

  21. MsBuzzkillington

    In Tiago’s defense, he probably doesn’t have a PhD.

  22. @slippyslappy, payd is not exactly an abbreviation of paid… Although by no means am I insinuating her post was particularly lamebook worthy.

  23. My doctorate actually likes to induce my epileptic episodes. She calls me her Bilbo dildo. I don’t know what that means, but when I come to, I’m leaking out of every one of my orifices.

    I do appreciate that she puts her finger in my mouth to prevent me from swallowing my tongue, I just wish she wouldn’t check my prostate first.

  24. Soup, she just wanted a little flavor on her fingers to bring forth a flavor sensation when you came to, that’s all. Think nothing of it.

  25. eenerbl, you know I don’t ask for much. I’m easy to please, and try to accommodate everyone else’s desires before my own. But when someone puts my own poo into my mouth, I at least want some cumin or nutmeg to provide for a flavorful colon chili.

  26. Yes Soup, you do aim to please and put others above yourself. I was just trying to put reason to the prostate exam prior to tongue holding into better terms. Ya know, ease your worries. And cumin would have been my top choice as well, it seems to complement chili very well. I always use it when I make my own, only without the colon. (no offense on the your colon.)

  27. My colon takes no offense: It has been abused in so many ways, and from so many directions, it’s basically like leather at this point. You could drive a semi through it; just don’t expect the exhaust to be pleasant.

  28. Soup, usually your words are fulfilling and sensual (and perverted, graphic, and very wrong at times). That was not what I just read, but I will go on. Let’s leave those semi’s and your exhaust to another topic shall we? It’s putting a burden on my wine endued mood.

    By the way, you’ve been scarce lately? I believe you missed my run-in with Bambi.

  29. Lamebook should a post of itself… You really live up to your name.. Lamebook=frodo

  30. eenerbl, I would endude you anytime (as you well know). As far as my previous post, you’re a fan of the written word; did you not notice my sly punctuation? I’m so damn clever, I would fuck my own brain if it didn’t make me so silly.

    Scarce? Well, we’ve all been there when real life encroaches on our internet time. I HATE IT! Work! Who the fuck are they to expect me to do …. stuff?!

  31. Haha Soup, that was me a few weeks ago. Work and their…stuff! (God I need a raise!)

    You’d never let me down though Soup, this I know (we’ve had our lust filled nights). Don’t fuck your brains though, I like your witty words and your crass statements, I like that brain the way it is.

  32. The job is usually an unfortunate circumstance, but today I got paid to go to the Cubs game (they lost). But free food and free booze provided quite the salve to ease my hurt. You should go back to the naked modeling. The cash would be rolling in. Hell, I’d even give you a buck or two.

    My brain is my temple, and as sacrilegious as I am, I can’t bring myself to violate it. Does killing it with beer count as a desecration? Am I a hypocrite? Fucking BrainGod always messing with me.

  33. A Cubs game! I am jealous, I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly!

    I wish I could go back to those days of getting paid for ‘arts sake’, alas those times have passed (I do indulge is personal endeavors however, I am a photographer by trade).

    Beer will not harm your temple, it will only nurish it more! Keep at it, I salute you with my glass of merlot.

    With that Soup, I’m off. It’s late and tomorrow is a busy day for me. Do try to pop in more often. I, and some of us I’m sure, miss your wisdom and sly words.

  34. Is no funny

  35. PickledCabbage

    Hmm I wonder what word cum game would be like..?

  36. I hope Charles was just trying to be funny.
    And it sounds like Rachel and Ash are playing the same game.

  37. I enjoyed reading Soupisms more than the actual post! I agree with basementcat, Lamebook is frodo today! I hope it can get its pool back.

  38. Caley, most people are usually pretty decent at one topic or the other, and some can claim to be excellent at both. You, on the other hand, are a complete failure. Now, were you one hundred percent sure that you failed English already?

    Tiago, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid and ignorant some people are.

    Rachel, i’m sure you’re a great screamer in bed when you’re creaming.

    Alexi, no… You obviously didn’t work hard enough in English class. Unless of course your expectations were exceedingly low, then it’s ok.

    Ash, is that where the bukkake festival takes place?

    Charles… No comment.

  39. wow, harsh judgement for a few lame typos.
    up the gamee lamebook la.

  40. Wow. That comment ^ fits right in with this lamebook entry.

  41. Smooth moves there Charles. I’m sure you’ll be in Suzanne’s pants in no time.

  42. 1 is just a typo. It’s a little funny if you pretend it’s not a typo.

    2 is not a typo and is a good lamebook entry. Tiago is calling other people dumb at the same time revealing his own deficiencies.

    3 is another funny typo.

    4 is like 2 except it’s bragging of one’s own greatness instead of criticising someone else.

    5 I also hope that’s a joke. Hieroglyphics and Spanish characters look nothing alike.

  43. @ Walter

    Hieroglyphics? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me?!

    I wont pretend to know what dialect that is, but it sure as fucking hell isn’t ANCIENT EGYPTIAN!!

    Jesus Christ.

  44. dietpillpyramidscheme

    For Walter’s sake, I’m gonna assume he is taking the piss.

    If you aren’t, you are actually MORE stupid than the guy who thought it was Spanish.

    Hieroglyphics refer to a wide variety of dead languages, from Ancient Egyptian to Mayan.
    – The implication of this is that everyone’s home PC has an inbuilt character set of a dead language.

    “Oh, I wasn’t aware my computer came with Microsoft Word ‘Rosetta Stone’ edition.”

    However, in the defence of the argument; Chinese characters may be *technically* considered Hieroglyphs.

  45. Hieroglyphs are a writing system, not a language. You could write English in hieroglyphics if you sat down and devised an appropriate graphical system.

    Chinese characters are glyphs, not hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphics are pictures of ‘things’ which put together give meaning – Chinese characters are constructed of multiple glyphs, which are entirely abstract.

  46. why does everybody seem to be punctuating their sentences with morse code its everywhere

  47. pineapplesalad

    Jesus H. Christ. I could tell those characters were Chinese when I was fucking five years old. Granted, that’s partially because my kindergarten teacher traveled to China every year and taught us about hanzi, but regardless, if Charles is capable of typing a legible sentence, he’s old enough to know that Spanish uses a Latin alphabet.

  48. Rachel and I have the same problem, the best cure is a gag.

  49. So….. wake up, Lamebook…

  50. lol

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