Friday, June 15, 2012

Way to go!

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  1. Fake, all of it.

  2. I found it funny a bit that Patrick lives in poohkeepsie

  3. I don’t know why the dumbfuck Patty would even think about using the shower-curtain…Wouldn’t it make more sense just to jump in the shower and wiggle his finger around his asshole under the hot water with some soap until it’s clean?

  4. Maybe thats what you would do….but I agree her solution isn’t the best.

  5. I like when people can’t spell the word that’s right in front of them. I’m looking at you teeko.

  6. No Laura…. at MOST you aren’t that crazy lady.

  7. Patrick should use his Socks.

  8. I was fucking Patrick in the ass and got shit all over my dick. Then Laura gave me head.

  9. Derrtyderrick – it was a pun retard

  10. Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself in the shower, Capn… you probably don’t even buy toilet paper, do you?

  11. Are KIDDING? Toilet paper is for lamos! I LOVE taking showers! *splashes bystanders with water*

  12. You know what works even better is if you have one of those massaging showers heads…turn that on your crack…OHHHH BOOOY! feelsgoodman.jpg

  13. #2 is a joke that goes, “What’s the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain? So YOU’RE the one!”

  14. Shower curtains are normally plastic-y which is not effective as an arse-wipe device.

    CJ’s technique would be not only effective but pleasurable. :p

  15. CJ…I wonder if Curtis Jackson tried “CJ” to try and fit in with the cool white kids at college, failed, changed his name to fiddy and turned to drugs. ONLY JOKING; black people don’t attend college.

  16. also, I don’t think pleasurable should be followed by a “:p”. It’s weird.

  17. so.. you’re black, crusty. Good to know :p


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  21. See, the Cap’n knows what he’s talking about…and just for good measure, it’s definitely pleasurable, crusty! 😛 😛 😛

  22. Capn, IRL are you Bob the Pleasure Coach?

  23. Lots of people have an ass-fetish around here

  24. Yeah, Capn, your first method sounds okay, but I’ve got really long fingernails.
    May I borrow your finger instead?

  25. Only if you need a massage beatus….and Bacch, can you promise you won’t grab my wrist and pull me in elbow deep?…cuz…if you can than the answers no.

  26. Elbow deep inside the borderline.
    Show me that you love me and that we belong together.
    Shoulder deep within the borderline.
    Relax. Turn around and take my hand.

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