Friday, June 15, 2012

Flirting with Fire

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  1. Yeah Mateo, that definitely happened to you, and you overheard that. That definitely didn’t get said on the interwebz 533,000 times already. “lmfao.” Tool.

  2. Why did the lady immediately assume he was looking for sex?
    Perhaps this gentleman just wanted to have a drink with her en enjoy the opportunity to converse intelligently.

    Ha ha ha… just kidding.

  3. Too bad it’s fake.

  4. So using this the next time the hub tries to sweet talk me

  5. Mateo is Fake.

  6. The women must be some real prude bitches at Charter Fitness in Niles, Illinois.

    The guy hitting on the treadmill chick is an idiot. Any moron knows you get the chick a cup of rufee-filled water, and have your way with her without the trouble of alcohol and permission.

  7. One rufee-coolatta coming up

  8. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    How much alcohol would it take for her to give him an angry, half-hearted handjob? Because I’d settle for that.

  9. Just wanted to throw this out there. This is a scene from an episode of Archer where Archer says the same thing to Pam.

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