Friday, April 15, 2011

Gold Star Status

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  1. I almost choked to death while I read the newest lamebook entries.

  2. Also, potential school shooters should delete all the porn from their hard-drives.

  3. I don’t get the first one .. anyone?

  4. instead of people saying the reason teens going loco & killing everyone is videogames & rock music, they would blame it on listening to shit like Britney Spears & Justin Bieber, loving Twilight & following John McCain which would therefore put a black mark on those things. that is, if you can make them any shittier.

  5. Mass, the kids that shot up Columbine and stuff had different rock music like Linkin Park, etc on their iPods and had violent video games. So people started saying that they were angry kids and shot up their school because of angry rock music and violent video games.

    Soooo the dude’s saying if you’re gonna shoot up a school, at least do it so people who correlate it with McCain, Twilight, and Justin Bieber.

  6. mass, you trying to get someone to be Wallace on purpose?
    I’d explain it, but I smell a trap. Or maybe it’s just all that garlic from lunch

  7. @mass,
    It’s because whenever there is a school shooting people blame it on the ‘Rock music’ or the ‘Violent video games’. And there’s always a rush to put more restrictions on music and video games. Basically, he’s saying “Don’t ruin it for the rest of us, get crappy music and video games banned instead”.

    Or at least that’s how I read it. YMMV.

  8. I needn’t have worried so

    In defence of violent video games, I love them. They turn me on. But I’ve never killed anyone. It’s perfectly safe

    YMMV… You make me vommit?

  9. Thank-you … thank-you everyone. I now ‘get it’.

  10. You met my vagina?

  11. @Lulz, there were no ipods at the time Columbine happened

  12. Walkmans?

  13. Discmans.

  14. CommentsAtLarge

    Wandr, YMMV means Your Mileage May Very (though I like yours and Mass’s versions better). Also when you said “I smell a trap” I totally heard Admiral Akbar in my head.

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  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddddddddd banned ^

  17. You can try oh, will make you satisfied. LOL

    And comments did you mean Vary?

    If not.. Your mileage may very.. What? May very well induce vomiting?

  18. Yeah, I’m sure they’re banned, jibbyfubby. And such a shame too. With a creative and obviously thought out name like sdfgrtjty, you can tell they were going to be a regular commenter with many insightful and probably hilarious things to say.

  19. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    School shootings are so 2010… It’s all about shopping malls these days, or so I heard.

  20. Regarding the 2nd post:

    Did someone actually A)remember that Papa Roach existed and B) think that song was relevant enough that rewriting the lyrics to pertain to Harry Potter would be humorous????

    Seriously, did I accidentally invent a time machine and am reading this 10 years ago?


  21. @ dkat – No kidding! And the worst part is that his re-written lyrics only just barely work.

  22. Vince from purchasing

    Brad FTW. Fuckin’ A. Although a Glenn Beck shirt or a Palin 2012 would be even better…

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