Friday, May 27, 2011

Radical Request

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  1. Damn dawg i’m first! I’m the coolest now.

    U niggaz mad?

  2. Also,them niggaz right. It’s always the americans. Who would’ve thought?

  3. With crap like this we ARE supposed to assume that the joke is on the ones posting.. right? Or am I really supposed to think it’s hilarious that two doofuses can’t read Arabic?

  4. That IS funny. Why *would* they be able to read Arabic? I must have missed the memo that obligated us to all learn Arabic.

    It’s funny, because they’re taking the piss out of the late Bin Laden. That’s why it’s funny. It’s not funny because two people with Roman-alphabet names chatting in English can’t read Arabic.

    That happens all the time.

    E.g. Now, for example. Ha. ha. ha…

  5. I think it’s down to the simple fact, that if he can’t read Arabic, he’s unlikely to know someone that spells their name in Arabic. So their just having a bit of a joke about it.
    Don’t see how it makes them doofuses. Are we all now obliged to read Arabic? As we’re at it lets learn to read Russian and Greek alphabet. Also the Asian languages – can’t leave anyone out, Vietnamese, Thai here we come…

  6. They’re not American (one said “dardiest bloke”).

    I don’t read Arabic, but is the name he mentioned how one would write Osama bin Laden in his native tongue? If not, are we supposed to be laughing at the people who wrote this dialogue or at the jokes included in it?

    And are you playing rlyeh or serious? Really rlyeh?

  7. bin laden, dead is. guys in fb, lame is

  8. Those are real Arabic names (albeit the first one slightly unusual), but names which have nothing to do with Bin Laden. If they were names related to Bin Laden I could see it as a lame joke. As it is, it is simply a pathetic ‘Arabic=terrorist’ route.
    And no, rlyeh, we are not all obliged to learn Arabic, but the equivalent of this would be two Arabic guys saying ‘hey, John Smith added me’ – ‘yeh, I know John Smith, he’s obese and eats McDonald’s every day’. That is a more accurate stereotype and still not funny.

  9. You fucking idiots, it’s funny because somebody wrote his/her name in facebook in the tiddlywink font and those two boneheads think it’s arabic.

  10. @Walter

    Ah. I guess my knowledge of Arabic and unusual fonts are lacking equally. I can’t search tiddlywink font on google or in my MS Word (and I don’t have a facebook). Do you know a place where I can see those letters and convert some words into it to try it?

  11. “*find*” on google I mean to say.

  12. I found this really funny. Such a shame people have to over analyse everything and suck the fun out of things. It’s called a joke people lighten up 🙂

  13. @pep this just in dawg: You got trolled!

  14. racism

  15. I can’t tell if Walter’s comment is taking the piss or ironic in the extreme. The first name reads Abu Hanshil wa el-Na’am and the second reads Mohammed Abed.

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    Kuua, with Walter it’s safest to err on the side of “taking the piss.” It’s why we like him.

  17. What can I say, I’m a newbie. Fresh and naive as 72 virgins. Apologies.

  18. Walter, you bastard. I fell for it because I thought I have seen you mention computer and tech related stuff before.

  19. This must have been done by 4th graders. There’s 2 minutes of my life forever lost

  20. It took you 2 full minutes to read that?

  21. Thank you, kuua. You have made my day. Please tell me you will be staying around here for a while.

  22. lolz @ lulz

  23. The funniest thing about this is that Pep went looking for tiddlywink font. For a smart guy, he’s so naive sometimes.

  24. So pretty much this is supposed to be “funny” because it’s racist. These ignorant idiots are saying that because the person who’s requesting them as a friend is Arabic he’s automatically a terrorist or is related to a terrorist. Way to go lamebook for promoting hate and racism!

    And lol @ the whole tiddlywink thing

  25. Lulz:
    Read the post, then read the comments. Surely you can do the math~

  26. girlcaffeinated

    You are all dumb. There are distinct reasons why this could be funny. First, for all the morons or racists out there, they could find the banter about Bin Laden and the generalization about people with arabic names to be funny. Second, for the more intelligent or politically correct, that two people, and the thousands of viewers who fall into the first category, could consider the Bin Laden banter to be funny might actually be funny in and of itself. Pretty sure the Lamebook moderators fall into the second category.

  27. @ 26 dumb means unable to speak. Gosh your stupid

  28. You’re*

  29. fuck. Oh well i was drinking. Thats my excuse

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