Thursday, May 26, 2011

Savage Trolling

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  1. First?
    Ben, Stever, noodles, etc


  3. Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaah

  4. It was very lame until he threw in the ohhhh yeaaaa at the end. Then it got a little funny.

  5. Fezzik frowns at these shenanigans.

  6. American Wrestling is a faux sporting event that allows barely ‘in the closet’ homosexual men the freedom to express their love for tight spandex, bums and cocks in an open venue with like minded ankle grabbers.

    English wrestling is just the same… I’ve lost count of how many power wanks i’ve pushed out over Big Daddy and The Giant Haystacks.

  7. Getting some sympathy sex, he is.

  8. This is why women shouldn’t have been given the vote, bless their cotton socks, poor dim creatures.

  9. Is that some american kids poem or something? I don’t recognise it and therefore this is not in the slightest bit funny..

  10. @Riverside

    He was known for wrestling and more for…:

  11. It took me a minute to catch the “crossing the bridge with Slim Jim” idea.

  12. pandainspandex

    @Riverside TO YOU. Not in the slightest bit funny TO YOU. Just cuz you don’t get the reference (and therefore the joke) doesn’t mean that other people won’t. Although I personally didn’t find it exactly LOLworthy either…

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