Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Typo Pic…

More terrible typos… click here!

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  1. boobs.


  3. boobs. haha blueberry pie.

  4. Is the ‘fist night’ of a honeymoon before or after ‘shocker night’???

  5. Damn, wish I had Cari or Christine in my network so I could get directions; I’ve been looking for this ‘Las Vages’ place all my life.

  6. Modeling? If that’s what she wants to call the porno flick featuring her taking a money shot from a smurf.

  7. Horrible makeup.

  8. The power of the mind really is awesome… I read the first one at least six times and STILL didn’t see the typo until after I read Afrocomb’s comment. It makes me wonder what else my mind is hiding from me…

  9. @6 Kudos good sir/madam, truly did make me Laugh Out Loud.

    I’m also calling wordpervert out, strangely conspicuous by her absence since the first State of Origin game, hmmmmm…

  10. Panda, I’m with you. it is awesome. I didn’t get it until I read YOUR comment! 😀

  11. Blueberry Pie; Dessert to your Blue waffles.

  12. pandainspandex

    @Keona THANK YOU for bringing that up. It has been far too long since I vomited in a public venue (that wasn’t, say, a pub parking lot).
    Although, her makeup almost made me do that in the first place…

  13. ifitwerentformyhorse

    It took me a few times to read the Las Vages one (in)correctly too.

    Hey, smurf porno is a kind of modeling. Don’t hate.

  14. Fist night… :’D

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