Monday, November 29, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Lamé

  2. Sweet & Sour? Really?


  3. Best thing about that first photo is the dog’s demonic eyes.

  4. #1 Haha look at the dog’s face. Caught in the act mister!

    #2 Nipple piercings …. ouch. Any of you guys have them? Hurt much much?

    #3 Alex is blond after all 😉

  5. Fuck – just the one much will do.

  6. Michael’s tits must hurt like hell if he got them pierced and tatted on the same day.

    YES, curlybap, it hurts, but not the piercing part, the clamping is really painful.

  7. “Sour” looks a smidge infected. Blech.

  8. Oh, busted.

    Shouldn’t the “sweet” one be turned the other way? Like a smiley face? And then the “sour” one would be a sad face? Anyone? No?

  9. Something is very wrong with his nipples. I’ve heard of hypertrophic scaring, but it looks like boy is growing 3 extra nipples. Clean your shit and stop tugging on them.

  10. I can’t be the only one disgusted by pierced nips can I? They just scream white trash. And those ones look EXTRA nasty.

  11. @blondebimbo, I just did it for the stimulation. But that was YEARS ago. It’s off now.

  12. Cherry, did it get as nasty as sour up there? Because holy great balls of Jesus that is EXTRA nasty.

  13. Nope, I took very good care of it. It never looked like an infected wart like Michael’s.

  14. geee, i used to think guys with one nip piercing were hot, but this just turned me off of pierced nips for… forever i think. gross 🙁

  15. I love these! Except the last one. That’s just embarrassing. I’m blonde and my name is Alex. Argh!

  16. That’s good Cherry, but damn they just don’t look right to me dude. I can’t get into that. Sorry.

  17. What is up with that dogs’ eyes? Is that a photoshop effect or was he going psycho? Either way it doesn’t look like he’s done playing with the toy yet.

  18. @Leenstl, it’s the same has human red eye, dogs essentially get green eye. It’s the way the light catches. Happens a lot actually. All about lighting.

  19. @blondebimbo, eh, it’s okay. I’m a chick and the sensation it gave me is incredible. I’m sure it’s given guys a confidence boost after the screaming ‘gasms I’ve had from the stimulation.

  20. The last one – come on Alex, the shoeprints are of high heels…

  21. @Cherry. THAT is a win right there.

  22. yeah i think pierced nipples on girls tend to look a lot better than they do on guys. especially this guy. that’s definitely a sour nipple.

  23. Alex, you fuckstick..

  24. It’s Ben!

  25. I would want to lick the actress Jean Simmons, while giving her the devil horns up the rear, shocker style. So maybe Alex isn’t as dumb as you thought, smarty Adam!

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