Monday, November 29, 2010

Ragin’ Racists

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  1. So.. why not kill whales?

  2. Good Question!

  3. Try as I might, I cannot understand what Lauren is trying to convey about halfway down the comments. I think it’s English, other than that, absolutely nothing.

    In other news, yay for Wikileaks, up yours ‘The Man’.

  4. I’m from Kentucky, and I can’t even understand what she’s trying to say. I think maybe she’s saying the KKK isn’t racist because they killed child and spouse abusers as well as black people?

  5. I think this is what she said (translated into English):
    “You are not dumb, and it is because kids have KKK members in their families, but they should know that the KKK didn’t stand for racism, it stood for how these men would go after criminals and kill them (oh, and black people too)”

  6. Lol bloody hell Lauren. And Hannah are you sure you got it now? I don’t think so!

  7. Uber UserName Man strikes again 😛

  8. Right, the Ku Klux Klan was not racist. You FU&*^%$&*^%#@#$&^((ING MORON!

  9. I wonder if Lauren knows that’s not a KKK flag. I can (sort of) understand the logic of people who fly a Confederate flag and say it stands for their heritage, conveniently leaving out the fact that part of that heritage IS hate. I still don’t agree with them, but at least they are using some kind of logic. Lauren, on the other hand… OMG.

  10. And really, Janina? One of your eyes is almost closed and the other is not.

  11. @7 Cheeky bugger you 😛

  12. I don’t even get the heritage part of the Confederate flag. Is losing your heritage? Because you got your ass kicked.
    Plus, the Confederate flag stands for separating from the Union. You want out so badly, leave. Honest to God, if I were president and Rick Perry threatened that Texas would leave if we didn’t do things his way, I would just say “Fine. Have fun with that border control problem, you’re on your own!”

  13. Okkk then.

  14. I’m glad she’s so educated on what the KKK standed for.

  15. The camera always think’s I’m blinking too. And I have non-squinty eyes…but apparently when I smile a real smile the camera thinks I’m a blinker.

    So THAT’S what the KKK standed for. I was mislead all those years. Though, can you blame me? It’s not always easy to interpret a burning cross on a lawn okay?

  16. Yay for good old fashioned family racism!

  17. So those KK marches I see here in the South are about spousal abuse?!

    – The white hats must stand for clean tampons.
    – The burning crosses must be to scare off the men who do the beating.
    – The lynching must just be examples
    – All the derogatory comments from the KKK members must just be misplaced.

    I think the clan leaders should clarify to the members what the KKK stands for thanks to Lauren!

  18. @ eightdaysaweek

    Shhh…you’re going to wake up all those wonderful idiots that like to claim that it was a war over “State’s rights” and “Northern Aggression.”

  19. I would like to ask Lauren her thoughts on WWII

  20. Standed? stood*

  21. @crimm

    “the white hats must stand for clean tampons” HAHAHAHA, that just cracked me up badly :’D

    lauren is an idiot. an absolute idiot. i a surprised she even knows how to breathe, let alone write something on a computer.

  22. i like how lauren explains it. they kill anyone who beats their wife and kids. oh, and black people.

  23. The “Did someone blink?” photo has been floating around the internet for a few years now.

  24. ugh… i want to go to the south to eat some awesome food.

    i don’t want to go to the south, and meet people like lauren. we have a few out here in California and that’s about as much as I can stomach.

  25. Fucking really?…. Ok, I’ll admit, between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese…it is slightly difficult to tell, but that’s not to say they all look the same.

  26. You can’t tell the difference between Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese. I’ve lived in Korea for years and even they recognize that you can’t tell the difference on physical appearance alone. However, they somewhat judge based on clothing style (which is still not reliable, of course).

  27. I live in the Southern US. We honestly don’t have many Asians at all, compared to somewhere such as California. I’m really not racist, just stating a fact to my situation. One can not be familiar in distinguishing something if one is not around said thing very much, or often.

    I’ll tell you what’s racist. The dude in the pic with me is Filipino. My idiot friends said “Oh, lol so is your boyfriend that Mexican dude?” For fuck’s sake…brown skin and black hair do not always equate to Mexican/ Hispanics, etc. (Try checking the eyes, nose structure, other features.)
    If I were racist, I would have laughed and not gotten upset at their stupidity.

  28. I also live in the South and we have a lot of people from Vietnam and Korea here.
    Also, no matter where you live if you are “with it” enough to be running your mouth on Facebook, you are with it enough to figure out that calling all Asians “Chinese” is not acceptable just because they all look alike to you.
    They all look alike to me, too! I call them Asian, not Chinese. It’s not the fact that she can’t tell them apart that makes it racist. It’s the blatant disregard and disrespect that makes it racist.

  29. @Keona: this is not racist. Racist is when one race is superior over another (which in reality is often the case, for example in sports) in the sense you give one race superior treatment in terms of obligations, rights, freedom etc.

  30. @automaton exactly…I agree with you, they shouldn’t have posted that stuff on Facebook. I was only speaking for myself when I was saying not being able to tell them apart was racist. Not because /I/ think so all that much, but because I had been called a racist because of it.

    @skipeu I agree with the second statement, and disagree with the first. I beg to differ that Danielle not only being a giant fucktwit hypocrite, but also that she’s posting that, “I think all of this general race looks the same, herp herp” on Facebook. That would apply if she had said, “All, blacks, all Hispanics, all Whites, all Pacific Islanders look alike.”

    I won’t say any more…these are just my personal opinions. Everyone has different. This sort of subject, along with religion, sparks heated debates oftentimes and there is no definitive right or wrong answer, all just mere speculations.
    Carry on. 😀 *goes back to lurking shadows*

  31. Lol @ people going on about how the Civil War was only about slavery and racism. Go read a history book. That played a part, but it certainly was not the only reason. States’ rights is STILL a big issue to many people here in the South.

    I’ve lived all over the country, and the most blatant racism stemmed from the north. Sorry to break it to you.

  32. @antiaphrodite

    Yes, it was over the state’s right to own black people.

  33. Lauren makes me sad for humanity. Janina is cute, and seems like she’s got a good sense of humor.

  34. I hate that you all (not y’all – though I do say it on occasion) have made me want to comment on this.

    Funny comments about racism/racist posts are wonderful. They encourage people to take all this stuff less seriously. KKK hats = unused tampons is a perfect example. Bravo. (note for those not bright enough to get what I’m saying – over-simplification and blatant extremism is a wonderful tool in debunking common misperceptions. Feel free to look up any of the confusing words.)

    Irony is fun. I hope the people who made comments about Southerners in general being bigots were using it as a tool and not becoming victims of it themselves by being blatantly prejudiced against those of us who might have been born in an area with a more friendly climate. If not, then joke’s on you. Congrats, you look like an ass to anyone with an IQ in the triple digits.

    As for the person whose Filipino boyfriend or fiancé or whatever that was offended by being confused with Mexican….seriously? Filipinos notably have Latin American/Spanish heritage commingled with the Asian aspect. It’s not uncommon at all for for people outside the Philippines or Latin America to confuse the two. That would be like me being offended because I’m actually American but someone thought I was German. Sure I have German heritage, but how dare you think I might be German based solely on the fact that I’m tall, have what I call “swimmer’s shoulders,” and look particularly cute in pig tails and lederhosen. How dare you?! It’s not like my dad has a Jew nose….oh, wait… (Again, for those with the low IQs, please see the above mentioned irony. I promise it’s fun)

    thank you. (yes. Please read that as it’s meant to be read- with the less-than-sincere-Kyra-Sedgwick-from-The Closer- southern accent.)

    p.s. Please forgive me for any typing/grammatical/iPhone induced auto-corrections that might have been made. Margaritas might have been included in this typing.

  35. Umm. Yeah see. I meant to have the word “errors” somewhere in that P.S. That oversight must have been the fault of the beer, moonshine and whatever rice wine is common in the Philippines

  36. Oh yeah. Korean is very easy to distinguish between Chinese and Japanese. It is an entirely different facial structure. It would be like trying to pick out the Italian from a line-up comprised of Brits and French. Sure, occasionally it might not be clear cut, but in theory it’s easily distinguishable if one has any real experience with the ethnicities. FYI – growing up, one my beat friends was Japanese, in college my best friend was Chinese and I have lived with two girls what were Korean, so yes, in general, I can tell the difference.

    I’m really done now.

  37. Way to destroy an entire conversation

  38. All you need to know is that Japanese vadge is vertical.

  39. Chinese and Koreans look similar because they are descended from each other and closely related. Japanese though are obviously different in appearance as well as their names. Then you start going with all the other various Asian countries and they begin to look different from that as well. Generally though, Japanese and Chinese are easily distinguishable. After that, it’s who knows wtf.

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