Friday, November 26, 2010


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  1. Hahaha… If I ever have a dog again, I am sooo naming it Yahtzee. That’s a crazy awesome name for a dog!

  2. ryyyyyybaaaart

  3. crap missed it

  4. Nahtzee!

  5. name blank fail, lamebook.

  6. Mark Mark? That’s a name fail. Period.

  7. Used to play Yahtzee, not a real game of skill is it.

    Hi word!!

  8. Hahahaha! Best prank ever.
    That’s HILARIOUS!

  9. mass, is that really you? You’ve attached a link to your name? One can’t be sure these days with Uber Cocksucker around.

  10. lol .. it’s me word, here in Carrot country.

    Just sprucing things up around here with the link … a little bored too.

    I guess you’re looking at Summer as I stare Winter in the fuckin’ face.

    Nice to see you word, you look awesome.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Mass it snowed early this morning.

  12. I knew a John John. First name John, last name John.

  13. Cool, mass, just checking.

    But you don’t need to be linked to spruce this place up. Your presence already does that. I get the boredom part, though.

    Yep, Summer has well and truly arrived in these here parts. Sorry, honey.

    Oh, I never liked Yahtzee. I always preferred Boggle. Now that’s game of skill.

  14. Dukey, I know, eh … just missed it here, but tomorrow? I have to get on the 400 in the morning…fuck.

  15. My mom is addicted to Scrabble, word. One of the many things I love about her.

    Gotta go..

  16. Yahtzee is an awesome name.!

    His friends watched his dog for an entire semester and all he can say is, I hate you for changing my dogs name to Yahtzee.

    I mean, Max is super generic and common anyway, his friends did him a favor.

  17. Yep. Nothing if not consistent. Kudos, Buzzkill.

  18. I hate any board game…I prefer to go and do physical things.
    Pretty genius thing they did, though.

  19. LOL!!

  20. Yahtzee’s a cool name for a dog! They could have done so much better like Fuckwit or something. Quit your whining Mark.

  21. The best dog’s name I’ve ever heard is Ian. It’s so random, but it made me laugh.

  22. @wordpervert:

    Love your username. Also, the best dog’s name I’ve ever heard is Ivan, which is my mum’s dog’s name. Totally random, I have no idea why she named him that.

    Her other dog is called Frank. Her cat is Marilyn.

  23. Everyone always talks about declawing cats, but I do it to my dogs. It doesn’t matter what you name them if they can’t run away.

  24. @mass, i was on the 400 this afternoon and it was already getting nasty!

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    purebs I’m sticking to the 407 and 401 maybe 403. It’s going to be fucked tomorrow.

  26. @dukey i was much further north than you. i had to run from barrie to parry sound and back and the plows were out north of barrie.

  27. An LBook post in Haiku

    my dog was named max
    left him with jerry and jon
    what wonderful friends

    went to school in spain
    my friends thought they were real smart
    max is now yahtzee

    jon and jerry had fun
    thinking they’re geniuses
    gonna kick their ass!

  28. damn too many syllables in the third! That’s it, I won’t shame myself by attempting any more Haiku.

  29. I love this game 😀 Can play this whole day all alone 😀

  30. Dukey and purebs… I know this isn’t the weather/traffic channel…but here I go from 88 down to 7… actually looks ok right now … returning at noon.

  31. Uber UserName Man Strikes again! 🙂

  32. Cyclopia. Don’t google it. 🙂

  33. @30
    No one thinks your funny or likes you here.

    Just kidding, every time you copy someones name and say ‘uber-username man strikes again!’ I laugh for hours. Hilarious!

  34. THe father of footballers Phil Neville and Gary Neville is called Neville Neville. Now that is an epic name.
    On a side note, I haven’t a clue what yahtzee is, is it around in Britain?

  35. @ TheDon

    Yahtzee is a board game played by rolling 6 dice at a time. If they all come up 6s the roller yells “Yatzee” – it is the ultimate roll of the game.

  36. i’m going to start ripping discussions off lamebook and posting them to my website

  37. I would totally read that website.

  38. Could we discuss the discussions?

  39. @curlybap … love your link, hilariously good. Just had it cranked..(the video)

  40. coldestcaress, a dog named Frank. I like it. Using human names for pets is funny. A friend of mine has a cat named Ron. When I was a kid, we had a dog named Peter. When he died, my mother ran to the neighbour’s house screaming “Peter’s dead!”. The neighbour thought she meant my brother Peter. It can cause a bit of confusion.

    mass, good to see you made it back ok. It is you, isn’t it? You’ve unlinked again…

  41. I agree about human names for dogs being funny.

    “Sit, Derrick, sit!”
    “Fetch, Keith! Goooood Keith!”
    “Bad Kyle! Drop it!”

    Girl names end up sounding pretty goofy, too.

    “Angela, come! That’s a good girl.”

  42. I named my cat “Come” and my dog “Sit.” I don’t recommend it. Every morning it’s like, “Hungry Come? Come get some food. Not you Sit. Sit, stay. No stay. Lay, Sit. No, lay. Here Come. No Sit, stay. Ok fine, you eat first. Come Sit. No Sit, come. Ah fuck it.”

    It’s funny when my wife feeds them though, eshpeshully wish her lishp.

  43. I named my cat Shaquisha Barrington Montgomery III. Still fucking ignores me though until I put cat meat on my balls, then it’s purry purry time.

  44. @mass haha glad you like it, it’s awesome. We’ve never actually spoken – nice to meet you finally lol.

  45. @word … yes, I unlinked … as much as I love Buckethead, I am not the ‘link type’.

    Nice to meet you curly…catch up with you later.

  46. It takes all of 20 minutes to teach a dog a new name – they’re just commands. Make eye contact, say [NAME], give treat. Repeat until dog reacts to [NAME] by seeking contact.

    It’s a funny prank, but really not that big of a deal.

  47. Chewbacca shagger

    When i’m responsible enough to be allowed to care for a living thing again, i will call it Gary.

  48. Shaquisha Barrington Montgomery III ftw!

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