Friday, November 26, 2010

Travis’ List

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  1. mainly offended by the ‘British ppl’ comment…

    This guy’s from London – do all white guys talk like him?


  2. Does this dress make me look like a glue stick?

  3. @ 104 – No, but you sort of look like a pale as hell, disgraceful, fat marshmallow.

    By the way, guys, are we still on for that Lamebook fishing trip? I need to know what days to ask off…

  4. This might be hurtful to whites if the person writing it didn’t have the literacy and grammar level equivalent to fucking Precious.

  5. He left out “u all don kill each utha like its an olympic sport ya dig?”

  6. read*

  7. I may look like a marshmallow, but Travis looks like a turd.

  8. thats funny how guess who is the best rapper in hip hop eminem son hes white so fuck you you racist bitch

  9. The one that bothers me is #4… Man, talk about stereotyping. Travis is a hypocrite!

  10. Vote for Change!

  11. Well, at least he spelled disgrace correctly hahaha,,,,, yea, does spelling right mean I am “whyte” bwahahaha

  12. oh my dear. aren’t we ironic today? well… lemme unleashes my “BURN BITCH!” wrath on you, even if you doesn’t read this yet.

    1. Black men wore their pants so low, give people a assumption that you shitted in your pants. Black women wear very tight clothes and fake gold jewelry, makes them look like whores with bad seduction skills.

    2. you African-Americans are the disgraceful ones to the true African culture.

    3. your grammar and punctuation are horrendous, proved the theory of black people are number one unemployed Americans.

    4. you obviously have a bad taste in style: giant nasty chrome wheels on cheap shitty cars, over-sized clothes that looks like the mishap in a designer-clothes factory. BUT EVEN WORSE… their idea of wearing too much “bling”… ridiculous!

    those three things (mainly third one) are enough for ultimate win. You, with your English or perhaps gibberish and your silly culture, are not able to defending against those true facts!

    excuse my angsty rant but i have to said it. there are no hate from me, just true facts.

  13. @randomthinker91

    Your opinion is valued, but it’s very, very obvious that you’re friends with maybe two or three black men, if any. First off, I wish that everyone would stop referring to any race as a whole when saying anything. For example,”Black men wore their pants so low, give people a assumption that you shitted in your pants. Black women wear very tight clothes and fake gold jewelry, makes them look like whores with bad seduction skills.” So you’re saying that all black people do this? I mean, you’ve met every black person in the U.S., right? This is obviously true (note the sarcasm). Second, don’t even talk about a culture disgracing its mother culture. Do you do everything you can to honor your own heritage? African cultures are one of the highest studied cultures in the world. There’s no way we could honor the old African people. There was just too much…Third, don’t talk about another’s grammar if yours is just as bad. I stopped counting the number of spelling errors, uncapitalized letters, punctuation errors, and grammar errors in your comment. What’s funny is that my six year old little brother read this and cringed because of all the mistakes. Lastly, thanks for judging the man’s style. I’m not sure why you assumed that comment was relevant, but it wasn’t.

    Now, here’s the thing.I’m not completely disagreeing with you. people who sag their pants are idiots. i tell anyone I see to put a belt on. A lot of people IN GENERAL type and speak with terrible grammar (as you can see from this site.) Black people are no exception. And, big rims on shitty cars are a bad look. I HATE big rims and bling.

    Now here’s my challenge, from a black man to whoever reads this. Get off your high horse, through out your pre-conceived ideas, STOP making assumptions about other races based on the media, friends, families, whatever….That KILLS societies and promotes so many bad ideas… Go out and meet a black man or woman. And no, don’t go straight to a hood and say ‘I told you so!” Go to a college, a park, a grocery store….whatever. maybe you’ll meet me! Twenty years old, working on a music education degree and a music performance degree…not to become a shitty pop star, but to play in an orchestra one day. New York Philharmonic would be nice….

    Black people are just people with our own culture. You want to know real African American culture? Research it. Start with Dixieland…music of New Orleans. Move on up through the jazz ranks…eventually, you’ll find rock and roll…funk, soul, jazz fusion, R&B, REAL HIP HOP!!!!!!! (can’t stress that enough…all rap you hear on the radio is just plain garbage)…I’m sure you’ll find that somehow, someway, you were heavily influenced by a black person….

  14. Ever wonder why people look down on blacks, Travis? Look in the mirror…

  15. No, no. I quite agree with him.

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