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  1. that movie did suck tho

  2. Just a few hours eh? I make it over 10 hours a day at that rate of pay, but I’m sure it’s true because I trust you KirbyBrent

  3. St Patrick was probably half Italian – he was Anglo-Roman or Welsh/Roman. Not Irish anyway.

  4. The movie sucked? Have you seen the Pearl Harbour I have? Let me lay this down for you; correct me on which bit isn’t either cool, dramatic or funny..

    Pilot can’t see properly: Funny, pilots are arrogant.
    Pilot nails nurse: Cool, who doesn’t wanna nail a nurse?
    Pearl Harbour gets bombed: Properly dramatic with fucking AWESOME EFFECTS.
    Pilot’s assumed dead: His best mate nails his girlfriend which is funny ‘cos pilots are arrogant.

    **PILOT ISN’T DEAD, SHOCKER!!**: Amazing; who will the nurse choose?!

    Other pilot actually dies. Happy ending tune plays out. Now Spielberg, which bit don’t you like?

  5. crusty – BECAUSE THAT’S NOT THE STORY OF PEARL HARBOR! If Spielberg wanted to make some love story of everything that happened in the movie taking place through the Pearl Harbor event, then call it something else. Don’t call it Pearl Harbor. The focus was on the love story. Not the event.

  6. Whoa donkey! Firstly, no. You said the move sucked. I told you why the movie was awesome, and then asked you which bit did not fucking rock. You replied with some backtracking bullshit about how the story sucked, not the movie .

    Secondly, in fact, the story was pretty cool. It gave the viewer an insight into the intricacies of a relationship between best friends and women during war time. If you want something 100% historically accurate, i’d suggest you do something other than watch a Hollywood movie.

  7. @odoyle10 Moviemakers do that all the time, just look at Titanic, Fargo, Chicago, among other misleading titles.

  8. KirbyBrent surely knows a lot of people that make a lot of money on the computer.

  9. Fargo and Chicago are city names, not actual events and you can create any storyline you want and still be relevant. If you create a movie with a title of a certain event, then the movie should be about that event. I place Titanic in the same category of Pearl Harbor. If you want to create a side story about a factual event, then change the name of the movie. Just because people do it all the time doesn’t make it right.

  10. KirbyBrent, I will end your life. I will find you, break into your home, drag you outside and murder you under a streetlight. Im gonna drop you like Cain dropped Abel.

  11. The best line in the Pearl Harbor movie is: “I had a girlfriend once…”

    Cinco de Mayonnaise.

  12. @beatusmungous

    Oh, no it isn’t. The best line is: “…Uhh buh buh buh buh buh b’jub jub jub b’jubba juh – juh juh juh juh uhuhuh juj juh ………juh-jaAAAAPPPSSSS!!!!!! Uhh here!!!”

    Check it out 0.04 to 0.27:



  13. odoyle, what about The Passion of the Christ? Sure it was meant to be about Jesus’ life and death and life again, but for me it was all about the scourging.

  14. Nothing like a nice girly war movie

  15. “whoa donkey!” Hahaha. I knew you had it in you Crusty!

  16. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Nicole is clearly one of those obnoxious know-it-alls who knows that St.Patrick was from Wales and wants someone to try to correct her and say he was Irish so she can be all “Ah ha! Well actually…”.

    I hate people like that. People like me.

  17. I hate people who lie to themselves about why they hate themselves. I hate myself because I’m gay.

  18. Pearl Harbour was pure, unfettered bullshit.
    But name one Michael ‘Cockface’ Bay movie that isn’t?

  19. St patrick was born welsh, but was kidnapped by slavers and brought to ireland. This means that he then became one of us, just as brangelina’s kids are 100% american. Therefore, st patrick was irish and was never welsh.

  20. Also, @msanne, you must be forgetting the cinematic glory of michael bay’s transformers. In this powerful, moving and dramatic experience, bay employs all the tricks of cinema with wisdom, care and emotion. The problems of the characters become personal tragedies for the watcher. Similarly, when the characters experience joy, it warms the heart of the watcher. Nah, michael bay is a cunt and all his movies are shit.

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