Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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  1. The girl in the first Post has the same name as me.
    It’s not me though, I understand punctuation.

  2. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    oh man timothy. you poor sonofabitch.

  3. lol at Timothy. What a dumbass

  4. Can’t you post from an ipod and won’t it put the same kind of comment on your fb ?

    Jordan , it really fills the hole in my soul … it in fact makes me feel whole again.

  5. hahahahahhaa Timothy. hilarious. no iTouch would say iTouch.

  6. Jordan

    For some girls it helps filling the hole in their hands …

  7. I heart Timothy! LOL… laughing at the expense of others always brightens my day!

  8. Haha poor timothy. what a dumbass.

  9. Christina.Willemina

    Somehow, I don’t find joking about domestic abuse very funny. The rest of them are hilarious though.

  10. lostintranslation

    I started out this comment attempting to defend Timothy’s honour. After all, his status clearly states that he has lost his house phone, not his cell phone, so there’s no inconsistency with him posting to facebook from his phone. There is, however, the question of why the hell he couldn’t just call his house phone from his cell phone. So, to summarise, Timothy is a retart.

    As for the first one: the women in the kitchen joke died a long time ago. Get some new material, ffs!

  11. Kurt FTW! Love it!

  12. Talia sounds so simple, bless her. She completely misses the point of the group and at the same time lends weight to the arguement that women are only good for two, possibly three things. I’m joking of course. It’s only one thing.

  13. Poor Timothy might be being unjustly ragged on, when I post from my iTouch it posts as ‘Facebook for iPhone’. Still ridiculous to post your number on the internet though.

  14. Is Timothy for real???? Is he that desperate for someone to call him??? How sad, really…

  15. I have an iPod Touch (regretting that purchase now. Sigh) and when I use it to post FB status updates it shows that I posted it from an iPhone, even though it’s not a phone. So maybe that’s what happened to Timothy. He’s likely just an attention-starved loser, but still.

  16. didhedie- cooking, cleaning, and vaginas? Love Jon Lajoie

  17. As a guy, I must say this: The stereotyping women thing was somewhat funny during my freshman year of high school. It’s completely stupid now.

  18. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    curious, i hate people who go to AC DC concerts too.

  19. Does the iPod Touch give the mobile icon same as the iPhone? Cause if so, explains Timothy’s..
    I have a Touch, I must go check this. xD

  20. Ooohh, reading comments now (should’ve done that first, lol) and apparently, yes, it does.
    So see, unnecessary to be ragging on him.

  21. @lostintranslation – he did state he “lost his cell”. He can’t call it because he has no house phone. A lot of people don’t have a house phone these days. And even if he did lose his home phone, he could have paged it.

    Anyway @A Girl’s Version of an XBox – these jokes were once funny, many moons ago, but have lost their humour from people overusing them. I’ve probably heard that “black eye” joke about 100 times, from 3 different people. That’s right. The same 3 people have told me the same joke over and over.

  22. @BritishHobette: Um, no…he says he lost his phone. My guess is that he lost the receiver of his cordless home phone. Since he specifically says that he lost his “home phone”.

    The reason the kid is getting crap is because his status is marked as being posted from an iPhone. Which is a cell phone.

  23. Whoops, reread confirms that I am wrong. He says he has no “home phone”. Not sure if that means that he HAS no home phone or he LOST his home phone.

    Must do more research.

  24. Either way, he got owned.

  25. Anything posted from an iPod Touch will say its posted from an iPhone. My friend has a Touch and she posts from it all the time but it says it was posted from an iPhone. So. I’m on Timothy’s side.

  26. @ #1 TaliaBaybee

    If you understood punctuation, you wouldn’t have used a comma splice.

  27. I must be behind the times, I hadn’t heard the Xbox joke yet. But my version of an Xbox is an Xbox, so whatev.

    Also, who wants to bet on how many times ‘iTouch comes up as an iPhone’ is posted before people realise it’s been said already?

  28. @chiiro
    I’m sure the “iTouch comes up as iPhone” will be posted until people stop saying that Timothy was using a phone.

  29. Robb you’re a dick. everyone else, carry on

  30. Yeah Steph, you’d hate me too. I went on the highway to hell, but it was fuckin heaven.
    AC/DC, you old bastards, you still got it.

  31. Kurt is my hero.

  32. lol

  33. Ah, Lamebook, staunchly refusing to accept that women in the kitchen jokes stopped being funny about five years before people started to fucking say em.

    That goes for all the other stupid morons on Facebook. STOP DOING THE SAME JOKE, FOR FUCKS SAKE. Ooh, what is it next, a joke about Michael Jackson loving little kids? A joke about George Bush being stupid? LOL, you’re so original aren’t you, you fucking idiots.

    *is a guy*

  34. Yet the female me did apparently at one point find them funny 😛 Screw you, sterotyped gender roles. Or something. Fuck it, I’m tired.

  35. oh snap! Buuurn, Timothy!

  36. mike_hawkins_cider

    Timothy’s not that much of a poor bastard. iPod touch, otherwise known as the “iPhone for people with bad credit,” pops up as “Facebook for iPhone” when you post something because people with iPod touches download the “Facebook for iPhone” app from the app store.

  37. Or perhaps the iPod Touch is for people (in the U.S.) that refuse to accept the lameness that is AT&T’s mobile service.

  38. Ok, that’s it, I’m not visiting Lamebook anymore. Advocating violence? Against women? A “win” I’m done. Telling all my friends to stop reading, too. Fuck you, Lamebook.

  39. Jeez, people, lighten up on the whole domestic abuse/violence/poor women crap. A dude talks about a black eye and you take it seriously?! You must really be offended and scared when someone says “I’m gonna kill you”.

    (@33 BritishHobo
    You’re right, George Bush being stupid is not funny anymore. Now it’s just sad, but true)

  40. There’s a James song in there British Hobo from your last comment!!

  41. Actually, there was nothing wrong with the placing of my comma.

  42. Thumby doesn’t believe in the use of a comma. It is all part of the Illuminati’s plan to take over the world.

    …it’s written in Revelations people!

  43. Oh my goodness, women should be in the kitchen! How hilarious, well-reasoned, and original. Clearly, this is deserving of the title “win”, because it’s so clearly sophisticated and full of humor.


  44. Nexus, you’re not saying anything new/original, yourself. It’s an old joke, as old as gender bias itself. No one claims it to be amazing or clever. Just funny in the moment when the perfect moment arises. Woman who make a big deal out of it are the ones who are the funniest to hit with it. Shut up and enjoy the ride.

  45. @TaliaBaybee: I would believe you *intentionally* used the comma incorrectly (i.e., comma-splicing independent clauses) to make an ironic statement if you hadn’t also used the wrong pronouns in your original comment–and missed a comma. Note that you used “me” (objective) where it should have been “I” (subjective). —> “It’s not I, though.”

  46. Is Fellato something like semen flavored Gelatto?

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