Friday, July 15, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. First…

  2. I actually thought these were pretty funny. Yay.

  3. Sean’s?

  4. Once, in highschool, the girls all had to go for seld-defense classes. They actually advise that you wear skinny jeans if you’re going out drinking, rather than a skirt/dress because they’re much harder to pull off and thus giving you time to use your newly accquired skills on the rapist

  5. Actually, it would be better to wear a skirt/dress, as it’s easier for a girl to run away with the skirt hiked up, than it would be for a bloke to chase her with his pants around his ankles.

  6. littleredcorvette

    The last one is a repost, but here goes:

    Dear mom,

    I pissed and shit in my pants in front of everybody because they’re so tight I can’t remove them. Why did you let me leave the house looking like a moron?

    Your idiot daughter,

  7. What’s wrong with skinny jeans?

  8. I will use the force to rip her jeans off. Then the raping shall begin with my half burnt dick.

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    vader I will smash your face into a car windshield and then take your mother Shmi Skywalker out for a seafood dinner and never call her again!

  10. I’m gonna step in for my pal Vader. Shmi Skywalker is a saint!

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