Monday, May 24, 2010

Air It Out

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  1. WhyNotTheWhales


  2. Magan, please don’t breed.

    And whats Magan pronouced…Megan? Meagan?

  3. WhyNotTheWhales

    I never thought that would be so satisfying.

  4. Alright I get that a lot of people these days do not understand the difference between your and you’re but Where in the world did not understanding the differnce then and than come from. I see if everywhere now.

  5. *it

  6. Magan? I’ve never seen that one before.

  7. I have no idea what the second one was all about.
    And Magan’s response to Kristi in the first is disturbingly calm after all the ranting.

  8. good god I fear for this world when people name their kids Magan. I don’t have a problem with different names, but names for the sake of being different. Pretty soon there will be Krustuna’s and Putriciu’s out there because parents think they are clever.

  9. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    That first one brightened up my day instantly. Here I was worrying about tuition, living expenses, life in general. I come to LB and my day is 100% better already! Thank you LB!

    Also, Magan, you’re a slut for sleeping with his friends. I don’t think you should take stock in anything he says either since he was just trying to get into your pants…again. Oh and great comeback with the “ok”. Good day!

    What the heck is the second one about? Any ideas? I’m lost!

  10. I’m a bit lost on the second one.. I can’t believe it’s serious.. so it doesn’t seem very lame

  11. I love the second one <3 I wish I had Mr. K as a teacher

  12. fsjguy, i hope you haven’t given people any ideas

  13. “youve been fucking sluts all alone…”

    2nd one confuses me, but the first one is great! Well done LB.

  14. thank you, lamebook.

  15. Good ones lamebook.

    Also, that’s just another reason to become a teacher! The loving children.

  16. “i’ll fuck you up tubby” – brilliant.

  17. What does “Mr S’s ass is grass” mean? Am I being really stupid?

  18. tangalangadingdong

    Here’s what I see in #2:

    Mr. K and Joey S are teachers at the same (high?) school. David and Andrew are students who know both of them. K is upset with S for some unknown reason and threatens him on FB. David and Andrew wisely wonder if posting a threat on FB might not be the best idea. K tacitly confirms that he’s threatened S. S retorts, insulting what he sees as K’s rotundity. K takes the insult as abuse and promises to bring it to the attention of the school’s authorities the following morning. S counters with a threat to K’s car tires (presumably not the spare tire that is his midriff). Andrew steps back from the melee to deliver a sage observation.

    And scene.

  19. tangalang – thanking you kindly.

  20. tangalangadingdong

    @gingivitis Happy to be of service.

    @amtrak Don’t think that teachers can’t be as stupid or petty as anyone else. I KNOW they can!

  21. @tangalang well played sir…or madam. whichever.

    @gingivitis it means he’s dead or going to be dead shortly. in this case probably not literally dead but he will lose his job.


  23. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ tangalang Thank you kindly!!! and Bravo!

  24. lol

  25. rockinghorsefly

    Magan is just a slut with anger issues.

    I nearly cried with joy at “I’ll fuck you up, Tubby”
    Best insult ever.

  26. I’ll slash your fucking tires. LOL! I love Mr.S

  27. mymomruinedfacebook

    I’ll fuck you up tubby! rofl

  28. Magan is definately a keeper Josh.

  29. @ dingdong: I loved the spare tire midriff combo. Good one.

    I’m pretty sure Maggot is the one with issues.All of her post are filled with insanity and hate. When all the while Josh seems to be just fine and dandy on his sex filled float trip. I love it when people get so hipicritical. 🙂

  30. maggot LOL
    She is pretty pissed. What kind of a guy would shit like that get posted on his page though?

  31. i like Josh alot 🙂

  32. Paranoid Android

    Bravo tangalangadingdong, excellent user-name, excellent summary. Well played sir, well played.

  33. @gingivitis #13
    I’m pretty sure “all alone” is meant to be “all along”. It confused me for a bit as well.

    And disturbing how it’s now students telling teachers about online protocol.

  34. “ill fuck you up tubby”
    awesome comeback. did not disappoint me at all.

  35. 2nd one has to be fake. Clearly made by students that didn’t know teachers have real names and lives outside of school. No teacher is douchey enough to make his name “Mr. ______” unless it was an account for his students. Even if he was he certainly wouldn’t be calling out coworkers by calling them Mr. _______.

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