Monday, July 4, 2011

Radical Response

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  1. First Beeyoootchessss! Pwned

  2. comparethemeerkat

    2nd the best.

    Plus, Toni should eat an assortment of peni.

  3. STEVER?

  4. Yes, Stever. And I liked number 3 better. Toni got pwned. Number 2 was ok but sounds like something a virgin would say.

  5. 4* and 2*

  6. tweetatcelebritytypos

    Well, Toni, I really hate it when people pluralize things with apostrophes. Reply’s? Really? Psh. And now…a shameless plug for my Twitter, @CelebrityTypos.

  7. I seen the advertisement for flexible girls and was lost for about twenty minu…*snore*

  8. “I seen”? Really?

  9. Correcting a stranger’s grammar online just to be an asshole? Really?

  10. Grammar Nazis, forever alone. . . or not, they could just be bored whilst their friends/loved ones are busy. . oh wait an Oilers fan

    forever alone 😉

  11. If people would take some semblance of pride in the way they speak and write, grammar nazis wouldn’t be necessary. Instead our hip hip inspired generation seems to think it’s cool to sound stupid and uneducated. So, if you want grammar nazis to go away try acting like you’ve been to school at least one day in your life.

  12. hip hop*

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