Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busted by the Boss

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  1. This genre of post is getting a little tired, no?

  2. That just adds to the lame imo.

  3. And people complain about not being able to find a job.. Bet they did that all through high-school and complained about not getting A’s. Stupid humans.

  4. Tears For Fears?

  5. Thanks LB, I could not tell whom was the employee and whom was the boss

  6. Yawn.

  7. Whom, Hawkbit?

  8. Something happens and I’m head over heels, I never find out ’til I’m head over heels…

  9. Wow, I’m so glad the boss can write.

  10. ‘abuse the environment’?
    bit harsh.

  11. So wait, if the boss says “when you come to the office”, doesn’t that imply the employee is not at work? Unless he travels for his job, he could easily be pretending to do some other work that isn’t his regular job. Harsh indeed.

  12. Harsh. Or fake…

  13. ^Are you saying that any of this is actually real?


  14. ^I don’t think that’s what he’s trying to say.

  15. ^I don’t care.

  16. * don’t

  17. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Dodging work isn’t stupid; advertising the fact that you do, however, is. It’s an employees responsibility to dodge work; that’s the system. It’s our job to get as much money in return for as little work as we can, and it’s out employers’ job to get as much work out of us for as little money as possible, and we both meet somewhere in the middle. If you don’t realise that it’s a tug-o-war, then your employer is winning.

  18. I may be going out on a limb here, but I think it’s safe to assume that the “boss” is a McDonald’s manager or something, considering the atrocious grammar and punctuation.

  19. These particular scenarios always irk me. The boss is slamming the employee after catching them slacking by slacking themselves.

  20. vaginalroundhouse

    Benny, bosses have the right to slack off. They worked their ass off to get where they are so now it’s payoff time. Slacking while making lots of money. My bosses have slacked off a lot but they could do my work in half the time it takes me because they know it better than I do. Plus they have other responsibilities, 10x more than I do. I cannot wait to get to that level of management.

  21. @Vaginal Really? You sir, are a really round peg. I experience the reverse, and I’ll bet most people do.

  22. @ MAT I have submitted some which certainly are real.

    Did anyone consider that the boss might be erm, I don’t know… Not at work(because he only works 9-5 (or 9-4 or 10-4 or on alternate Tuesdays).)

    And that the employee could be urm… not at the office (but still supposed to be working) (e.g. on a call, working at a client’s house, working on location, working from his car, working from a train, working in a hotel, working at a conference, working over the weekend on a specific assignment given to him by his boss, working in a court, working in a school, working at a police station or just working at home)

    And the boss is berating him and telling him to come and see him when he comes into the office (in the morning, after the weekend, when he’s next due in, when he’s back in the country or when his course ends)


  23. ^I reject your reality.

  24. That is actually real. I work for the company and we all have the dude on Facebook. And he was at work when he posted that. The boss read it after hours. Stupid as hell!!

  25. ^So how did he ‘abuse the environment’? I really need to know.
    I mean, was it domestic abuse? sexual? verbal abuse? Did he poison the north sea or take a dump in the air-conditioner, or what?

  26. I’m guessing his boss meant he was abusing the “working environment.” Or maybe his “permissive environment” by allowing the employees to use Facebook during the day as long as they don’t neglect their duties.

    I’m guessing worker-bee was at work but not at “the office” – maybe another department or field unit – and would be facing the music when he went to the actual office.

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