Friday, February 18, 2011

Dog Problems

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  1. Anthony, if you’re vying to get it in the yup, you have a problem.
    And James, you should have bought a new one to skip the break up stage…a brand new puppy always makes girls happy.

  2. Ha. For a second, Anthony, I thought you were saying the dog was licking some girl’s vagina. Or are you?

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Seems like everyone has given up on lamebook.

  4. my cat enjoys a good used condom as well! your animals just want to be intimately connected with you the way all of the random dudes are, hour after hour…

  5. Dukey, I’ve been having that exact same thought of late, buddy.

  6. Hmm I think we’re all still lurking and commenting here and there but yeah, it’s pretty bad at times. The posts are getting worse which doesn’t give us much to work with!

  7. Some of us lurk and comment, others just sit in the van offering candy.

  8. Dukey, I’ll be honest…I’ll go days without commenting or keeping up and it doesn’t even bother me. I’m slowly giving up.

  9. It’s a good thing when the trash species is scarce, no?

  10. Now I feel i have to comment on everything just to keep this site going!
    Don’t give up guys, there are lulls in every website. The comments are the best parts.

  11. The only weirder than a female being named Anthony is that she can’t tell if her dog is licking her vag or her bunghole. No wait, she also didn’t even get turned on! Jusus, lady…

  12. Yeah, I said Jusus.

  13. What makes you think “Anthony” is a woman, Walter? The she and her refer to the dog…

  14. Walter, are you saying the dog is licking Anthony’s vag? pretty sure Anthony is a dude, and besides: “watching MY dog lick HER…” seems to point to the dog licking itself. and many people are not experts on dog genetalia, so it is reasonable to assume that Anthony’s pooch is licking the general area.

  15. I’m betting the dog is licking another dog’s genitalia. I’ve seen male dogs get interested around the time the females have their period

  16. Anthony you <i<are fucking sick!

    As if you’d just let her go at herself like a book of stamps instead of popping one in her… at the very least you could have frigged her off you tight C word that rhymes with punt..or hunt…or shunt for that matter.

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