Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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  1. i’ve been reading lamebook for a while now, but i cannot figure out what the hell PWN means….at the risk of sounding like a moron, someone please tell me…

  2. “pwn” means “own”. Why, I don’t know. Or is that “Why, I dpn’t knpw.”?

  3. thank you darkknight i have been trying to figure it out all night lol 🙂

  4. @ insert, I have, and I agree. They toured just recently here in Australia.

  5. I feel horrible all around…the Audrey comment? Hilar. But the bus for the win.

    And lolalola, since your Google is broken:

  6. Yo pussywhip Ryan you should def get rid of her I was in a relationship like that and it SUCKS. And besides, being in a relationship like that is kinda like doing those “free gift” things on the internet: Every time you think you’ve done enough and can finally get that free iphone, there’s just ONE MORE thing you gotta do.

  7. @KRisten who gives a fuck what you wouldnt watch HIS GF does watch it and so does HE NOW HA!

    Bitches.I like Lori 🙂 ! Make him work for it ! HAHA

  8. O and thoe Costa Rico pic is creepy WHY would anyone POST THAT!!!???? SICK!May someone laugh at their deaths! XD~!

  9. Wait a minute I took it as Lori was the GF too but the way 48 says it makes you wonder….hmmm.

  10. sexclamationpoint56

    i would so leave that lori chick. if i have to sit through tinkerbell with u u better give me head or something, i mean, that’s the considerate thing to do

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