Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank You Bryan


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  1. You’re not gay, David, you’re just a weenie.

  2. Does this even make sense?

  3. How can you ‘think’ about going gay? Is he scheduling being close to a penis at some point in the next couple of days and going on from there?

  4. *wonders what the other two comments were

  5. No girl wants or likes him, so he’s bound to be snapped up by men, with their low standards and whatnot.

  6. ….

  7. Pathetic is a not enough of a word.

  8. *punches David in the face*

  9. *cums*

  10. Calm down…go make David a card.

  11. also want to see the other two posts

    @Bri Bri Bee Rat Good job.

  12. I know some gay guys that are offended that “gay” means “lame” now. My father is still annoyed that “gay” doesn’t mean “happy”.

    Also, what about people who can’t walk properly! What about their feelings!

  13. your dads gay

  14. Oh Shawn. Poor Shawn, attempting to be intelligent in the face of overbearing pity partydom (with one party) and total frat boy immaturity (with another). Shawn, hie thee hence and make thee new friends, pls.

  15. I sent this in last night, and the other comments were people congratulating him on his potential “coming out”.

  16. If he thinks being ignored by women is bad, wait until he is getting fucked in the ass by his new boyfried. THEN he’ll have something to complain about…

  17. Just a wild-ass guess here, but: I wager Shawn is also a Birther. Either that, or stupid. Same difference.

  18. FYI i am not the same matt as above.
    I did not cum because of this.
    Thank you.

  19. hm. I have to give him credit, though, for acknowledging the biological aspect of it. A little too hard – its curious – but acknowledging nonetheless.

  20. man.. just shut up and hurry and choke on a fat one.. if u r curious.. or just being plain pathetic den ur gay.. full stop.

  21. I Like BRIAN

  22. I Like BRAINS

  23. You tell ’em, Bryan.

  24. What’s Matt gotta do with this….

  25. see what happens when you play world or warcraft!

  26. World or warcraft? Is that like cake or death?

  27. Nice Eddie Izzard reference!

  28. What the hell makes him think that any guy would want him either? Dumbass.

  29. David, no guys will want you either.

  30. Might he really moved from hetero into gay and now he is happy! ;o)

  31. Eddie Izzard reference FTW.

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