Tuesday, August 11, 2009



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  1. B.Y.O.B. = Bring Your Own Bail

  2. Does Detective Karr have to pay more for that?

  3. The accused can’t legally contact any of the co-accused … But it’s ok if they all happen to meet up at a BBQ?

  4. See? We’re not all mathletes, Model UN members, or in a borderline pederastic relationship with Clint Eastwood. Some of us are pretty hardcore.

  5. I love the “not attending” part

  6. I’m so very confused. Is this for a guy (guys) getting out of jail? Whenever he got close to explaining he just said ‘fuck y’all’

  7. ‘Remove from my events’ is also highlighted, as it should be.

  8. Talk about an angry invitation, the hosts & guest of honor still sound pretty pissed off. Awkward-cue.

  9. I really like the passive-aggressive “this is why I’m hosting this party, please don’t confuse this invite with me actually being excited that the accused are coming home from jail.”

    In my mind “other preparations” equals “awkwardly themed party games.” Bobbing for dick-shaped fruit with a Detective Karr mask on? Pinning the tail on the cellmate? Pinatas shaped like the scales of justice?

  10. I know someone called Xi Dian! Is he a criminal? He seems like such a nice person.

  11. Barf @ newbies born after NWA crested. It’s “Fuck THA Police,” ignorant, dork contingent!

  12. Not attending?

  13. Ehhhh, think I’ll give that a miss cheers

  14. So wrong on so many levels!!! I thought the locked-ups were having a homecoming in jail, u know like college…or better yet, I thought someone who got released came back and they were having a homecoming for him….
    I refuse to read the details….thats what the comments are for…lol

  15. stop snitchin’!

  16. 10am-10pm on a Sunday? They sure know how to through a stellar homecoming party….

  17. and the winner to what friend u shouldnt have anounce ur haven a party is…

  18. Charging to go to a BBQ? Must be yids!

  19. “Lamebok Mong”
    I dont understand why this kind of anti-semitism is tolerated. You should be seriously embarassed.

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