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Bumbling Bigots

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  1. You know, the other day I was wondering what happened to the ‘Lamester of the Day’. And I thought, maybe they should have a Lamebook Hero of the Day. Or… you know what, fuck that. Danny and Angelo are awesome. Anyone got a link to that page? Love to see the replies.

  2. Loretta, dear, no one said those who would preserve American English are ‘uneducated morons’–though they might well say ‘undereducated morons.’ Does it really bother you so greatly that some try to provide services in languages that someone else might best understand? Are you upset that others might say something you don’t comprehend–are Hispanic children obliged to have fun in English, is a French parent obliged to speak English to his or her daughter because you might overhear the conversation, is a newly-arrived emigree expected to torture the language like Sarah Palin? Are you frustrated in your eavesdropping, dear? BTW, try telling the people of Puerto Rico and American Samoa, even Hawaiians and native Alaskans, that only English will do.

  3. Typical fucking Americans. Fucking ignorant retards.

  4. Lamebook should give up on these ‘IF UR IN AMERICA SPEAK AMERICAN’ posts, cos all it does is make everyone argue and repeat the same fucking argument.

  5. @uRaRetard, calling someone a retard isn’t ignorant?

  6. haha all we are doing is going in circles I agree with the hobo give it up lame book!

  7. @ slimjayz

    no, I’m not an “english pansy”. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sure the many brits on lamebook can recommend a site for you

  8. I love America and most things about it but these kinds of things really make me cringe for them. Its shocking really. “we speak American”

    you sure do fuckwit

  9. @eman – Really, dude? My toenails have more wit. *sigh*

    @Mr/Ms Hobo – my apologies for the thread hijack.

  10. I immigrated to Canada and if I went to US I would be very offended if besides english I also would have to learn spanish because of your “tolerant” idiots.

  11. I live in Europe and see a lot of yankee tourists … Most of them order in ENGLISH , one lady even told me that she was surprised at the sup standard english in the middle of the Italian countryside .. the Nerve.

    Then again we go to the states on holiday and guess what … we HAVE to speak English to get around.

    Pot, kettle , black anyone ?

  12. I agree with Father Sha, I also live in Europe and whenever I meet tourists from US they cannot speak any other language than English…what is more, they are always complaining if somebody does not understand what they are saying :/

    I’m afraid that some americans create those dumb groups just because they are too stupid to learn any other language. that’s sad.

  13. @ OvoOno: British English and American English actually do have quite a few significant differences, thanks to a person called Noah Webster. He was an American who decided to change a bunch of rules for no reason other than to differentiate Americans from British people.
    P.S. I counted five syntax/grammar/spelling mistakes in your post. Good on you!

  14. English is the international Language of business, be you in Tokyo, New York or Paris most educated people will speak English anyway…

    Ok it’s not really an issue in Europe as most speak English as a second language. The only time this won’t be the case is with older persons or in more rural locations.

    That is not a fucking excuse! If your going to visit a country at least have the decency to learn a few simple phrases and show some respect…

    Also making a few spelling mistakes is not sufficient grounds to make a difference between “amerikun englush” and “The Queens”

  15. of course, there are some differences between British and American English, but from the linguistic point of view, we can talk about two separate languages when they are not mutually intelligible. It’s obvious that they are intelligible, thus American English is not a language but only a dialect of English.

    so I’m sorry dear Americans, but you don’t have your own language.

  16. Well said, pannap. Actually, American English is a series of dialects – not just one – which in turn falls under the heading of English language.

    While “the US” has no official language, many of the individual states do. Over half of them, actually. However, I don’t consider “official language” an excuse for not learning a second language.

    Any American who goes to a foreign country and gets mad that they don’t know English should be punched in the face.

    But these FB groups are created not because of tourists, but because of immigrants who have moved permanently to the United States. American tourists in Spain who gripe about no one knowing English? Morons. Mexican immigrants in U.S. who gripe about no one knowing Spanish? Morons. It is the responsibility of the tourist and immigrant to immerse themselves in the language and culture of the new country.

    All I’m saying is the Japanese immigrant who shops at my store regularly can’t speak a word of English…yet. He’s learning, and he doesn’t expect me to learn Japanese to help him. Nevertheless, I am trying to learn some nice phrases in Japanese to help him make the transition easier.

  17. Stansel , your last paragraph is an example of the way people should treat eachother.

    And i agree with the rest of your comment, the only thing i like to add is the fact that the poster of the first picture is probably not as humane in his intentions.

    Your (intentional spellingerror) on our land so do not disrespect us by talking your own language. That means they loathe the fact that amongst themselves they speak their own language.

    Off topic : the same lady that complained about the lack of English also told me that to get real italian pizza’s you should go to New York … in the middle of an italian restaurant. So i won’t take her as an example of all americans.

  18. The irony of these groups and their members’ grasp of the English language is constantly amusing to me.
    At least we can all agree that these people are probably courteous enough to learn foreign languages when they travel overseas.


  19. stupid bigot tools. The twats in these groups should have geo-tagged their updates etc so they can be round up and beaten.

  20. the second picture is quite funny though! Zulu springs to mind.

  21. @Loretta and eman – It takes 5-6 years to learn how to speak a new language fluently. People don’t learn how to speak a new language over night, and some people have language impairments that make language acquisition more time consuming, laborious, and challenging. This means that many, some would say most, of those irritating immigrants of which you speak are trying the best they can to learn how to speak English. If you’re going to have an opinion try to have a more informed opinion.

    Also, English is not a native language. Learn to speak Algonquin or GTFO. If you live in Texas or California, learn to speak Spanish or GTFO – both of those states were once part of Mexico.

    @Apolitical – Come check out STFU, Conservatives. I like your style. I also like the word “fuck.”

  22. P.S.
    I think Charlie is having a laugh at the expense of bigots, which makes that comment all kinds of awesome. If he’s having those bigots on, then he belongs in the Trolling Hall of Fame.

  23. @Apolitical: Oh, no, I love when there’s actually a decent discussion on here, rather than just a load of people swearing and being racist, it’s just that the argument on these language posts is always the same one. But it’s alright, so long as it prevents another Lamebook comments page filled with tools, I’m fine with it.

    Oh and it’s Mr Hobo to you 😛

  24. @IVB – When you buy tv in the US – we force you to read the instructions in Spanish.

    @Father Sha and pannap – You had better believe it’s those same folks who insist on “English Only” here in the US. She’s not a typical American – She *is* a typical conservative. On LB there was a photo of the Shrub with his feet on the Presidential desk. New photo of Obama in that exact same position and conservatives are outraged at the lack of respect he shows. Ethnocentric hypocrites, all of them.

    @stan – you’ve got that completely backwards. Hispanic groups have never insisted the the US learn Spanish to accommodate immigrants. That fallacy is obscene.

    @ pixie – thanks and done. Try Wonkette. They are, in a word, brilliant. And also, too, the comments section. ‘Fuck’ is in the dictionary. ‘You Betcha’ isn’t.

    @ Mr. Hobo – Noted. We’ve got Bible Spice running our country/political process over a cliff. Well, what’s left of it after the Shrub was in office. Have pity. Smiley face.

  25. I love the people who hate on “bigots” and then proceed to bash Americans- irony much?

    As a resident of New York City, I am perfectly okay with people speaking to their friends & family in their native tongue; in fact, there are over 170 languages spoken here.

    Things that are NOT okay:

    My boyfriend is of Malaysian descent, and speaks fluent Chinese. His mother can SPEAK English, but refuses to. She pretends not to in order to avoid jury duty, dealing with people, etc. She will speak only Chinese in front of me, and I am never included in the conversation- which, as you can imagine, makes things very uncomfortable.

    When you purchase an iPod, a tv, or a camera, how many languages do the instructions come in? When you ride the subway to work, how many advertisements are in different languages?

    I understand that English is one of, if not the most difficult language to learn. However, it is the most widely spoken. If you are to migrate to a new country, I don’t think it’s asking too much to learn the native language.

  26. @babushka
    My native language isn’t English, I think I am entitled to make some mistakes. Your remark was just ignorant. You don’t see me mocking you for not knowing Croatian.

  27. krasivaya_devushka

    Are you kiddin me? English is one of the easiest languages to learn; why do you think so many people know how to speak it? If you think English is hard, try learning German with all the rules!
    I am European, but I live in the U.S.A. and I agree that immigrants need to learn English so that they can better themselves and get more opportunities, but at the same time, some people just have difficulties and don’t even bother. And why would Mexicans ever want to learn English in the first place when everything is provided to them in Spanish anyways? Duh! If I was them, I sure wouldn’t bother.
    One more thing, there is nothing wrong with immigrants speaking their own language. I speak my own, and some others as well whenever I want to, and if anyone told me I couldn’t, I’d do it on purpose! 🙂

    & I agree with OvoOno!

  28. (most) english people talk properly and thats the main difference between americans and english
    it was our language first

  29. Er… is everyone here forgetting that Americans WERE English once? It’s just dumb saying it was so and so’s language first.

    Pff, Canadians obviously are the most eloquent speakers of the English language anyways xD.

    Also, I love ka1311’s comment.

  30. lol i thought canadians spoke french and you have a point thats why half of them are white

  31. insert clever name here

    Nobody gives a good godamn if you people wanna whine about what language is spoken where. The language of the world is money. If a business is going to make more money because they hire people who speak more than one language then… guess what? …they will. Whining because you can’t get a better job because you don’t speak another language is no different than whining about not being able to get a job because the software you know is obsolete. Nut up and learn what you need to learn to get the job you want or stfu and keep bagging my groceries.

  32. @ka1311: Generally speaking, the only people who speak French in Canada are people from Quebec and New Brunswick (the only bilingual province). Everyone else here speaks English.

    I agree with insert clever name, but people love to whine. Sometimes I think that’s what we do best as a species.

  33. insert clever name here

    @Osiris – Sadly it’s true. As a species most of us speak the language of whine.

  34. @Apolitical – don’t put words into my mouth, please. Your straw man argument will not work on me.

    I never once said, “Hispanic groups insist that the U.S. learn Spanish to accommodate immigrants.” There ARE individual immigrants, whom I have personally come across living in the South, who expect Americans to know Spanish as a matter of course because they feel entitled to be able to speak in their native tongue throughout the English-speaking country. Please stop repeating the same tired retort when no one has even asserted the original argument.

    @jb591333 – The situation with your boyfriend…that sucks. That’s the same as when people laugh about an inside joke in front of a third person and refuse to explain it to them.

    @Osiris and clever name – Agreed. It’s easier to whine about a situation than to do something about it. I think this is especially an American attribute, but it goes for the whole world.

  35. @ stan – get over yourself – your purposefully vague generalizations are the reason for my response.

    “Now in America, it’s completely reversed, and English-speakers are told that knowing only English isn’t good enough.” Your words.

    By whom? By the couple of Mexican individuals you met? Seriously?!? You should have made that clarification from the start, it would have put your comments in perspective (but that’s probably why you chose to omit it, huh)

    You might have a legitimate point if you could find one Hispanic Org that was demanding what you claim, but we all know you can’t.

    You know, i happen to know a couple of xtains who actually try to live a life of compassion. By no means am I ignorant enough to make a blanket statement that ‘xtains are compassionate’.

    Whose got the straw man argument again?

  36. I live in the US and, quite frankly, this sickens me. At my elementary school there were a fair number of children who didn’t speak English. The school had an ESOL program set up to help them learn, not because “this is amerika, u speak english” but because the lessons were taught in English, and some teachers let those students write assignments in their native language instead of forcing them to use a language they didn’t fully understand.

    English is NOT an easy language to learn, especially given the various different regional expressions and vocabulary which are not taught in traditional English courses. A friend of mine came to the South from China 14 years ago and occasionally still has problems understanding things. She speaks Chinese around her parents and other students and no one has a problem with that, but seeing the continued perpetration of the ignorant American stereotype is very disheartening.

  37. Apolitical – My comment about English-speakers being told one language isn’t good enough was in reference to the general attitude that being unilingual isn’t good enough. Which I say I agree with. (OMG, we agree!) I had no intention of making a generalization at all. I’m not stupid enough to think all immigrants think they don’t have to learn Spanish. But I’m also not dense enough to think they’re all wonderful, charming people who immediately dig into learning English.

    Again, I’m not looking for any Hispanic Org that demands English speakers learn Spanish. But if you’re asking honestly for reasons why some people get so worked up about this issue, I would guess the many schools who mandate Spanish as the SL and the issue with the bilingual voting ballot. Those are the only two I can think of. I don’t know, I’m not actually that worked up about it so….Seriously, what is your issue with me? I support people learning a second language.

    My point from the beginning has been this: Both the immigrant and the American have a responsibility to learn a second language. Neither deserve such hatred and disdain from others when they fail. Compassion is always required when a situation involves a language barrier.

  38. stanselmdoc – *snore, snore, snore* oh im sorry! were you saying somethin-*snore, snore*.i hate to be rude but this is LAMEBOOK, why does everyone want to voice their insanely boring comments?

    also, english isn’t even the original language of america, and its not called AMERICAN its called ENGLISH.

  39. Highly disheartened. Not only have all ignored what the country proper was built upon–the unwanted–ALL of the “Give us your poor, your huddled masses…” not dependent on language, yet, moreover, I, nor my people invited you either. I agree, speak the Native Language. Aaniin chimookomaan. I am Ojibwe and am hardly able to contain my anticipation for the moment when one of the vociferous language phobic humans is able to speak to me in Ojibwemowin. Our over 10,000 years trumps your 1642 or 1776. Miigwetch.

  40. @Viennese – Uhhh…I’m not the only one posting boring comments on here. Why pick me out of the crowd? I was only replying to someone else’s comment to me. I didn’t ask you or force you to read it. In fact, the comment was addressed to someone else. Moron. Don’t read it if you’re not interested in it.

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