Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Battle of the Sexes

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  1. I have to go against dimitri here. His stance on “10 years of free shit while you’re above average looking” is more like a lifetime of lounging around, going to pilates and yoga, shopping with a rich man’s money, etc. as long as a chick is pretty enough to land a pathetic rich guy.

    If I were a chick I’d be such a whore for a rich guy, I’d much rather spend my life like a Kardashian than working my ass off

  2. Sadly men do get raped and not always in prison.

    As for Mikaela, Simone de Beauvoir would be turning in her grave if she knew women like her still existed, even if they are a dying breed.

    And seriously, why do both men and women make such a big deal about mensturation? For a non drama queen who gets off her arse and works and lives independently, it’s very much a non event.

  3. Two words to Dimitri: multible orgasms.

  4. perhonen: that’s one word….

  5. What an amazing “joke”, akira (!?!?!)

  6. perhonen: I’ve had multiple orgasms, but you will have to explain multible orgasms to me…

  7. Meh, both sexes have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. With the right attitude and outlook, it’s what you choose to do with your advantages and disadvantages that really matter.

    By the way, males are definitely not immune to molestation or rape. All children can become victims.

  8. Akira would look less stupid if that was actually irony. It would’ve been ironic if he was calling women stupid in his little joke. That girl commenting to say she doesn’t get it doesn’t make her useless. Hence, not irony. Idiot.

  9. Akira calling it “ironic” lets us know he was probably specifically talking about Leah — the one girl to comment.

  10. Hmm would I take childbirth, sexism and periods for multiple orgasms? Probably…..

  11. Pff, Dimitri is an idiot. I judge men based on their looks all the time. Men are also subjected to rape and molestation though perhaps not quite as often (and maybe men should stop raping and molesting but that’s another topic for another day).
    Not sure what his 12 minutes to get ready thing is, women can get ready fast too, we just focus more on our appearance than simply being, I know I like my hair better curly than just wavy. Women are close to being president, but I don’t want to be one, and I can have sex with multiple men and not give a damn if I’m called a slut because I can form opinions on my own *gasp*

    FTR, multiple orgasms rock my world.

  12. Why does every lamebook comments section always end up discussing rape? I smell multible unresolved issues, people…

  13. Frankly, I’d be a horrible friend if Dimitri was ever molested or raped. I’d definitely try drawing some attention to that comment.

    And women are slowly working their way to an even pay grade. And men can have multiple orgasms, you just need to extend the time frame… Also, pretty sure hot men can gain similar advantages in life to hot women. And, in child custody cases, women naturally have an advantage.

    Surely though, with having sex with multiple women (notice he just said there was a possibility. Sure there is, sweetie.) there is a number limit that makes a guy go from stud to orgy member to unnecessary flesh. Of course, depending on the amount of guys, it could fall somewhere between totally gay and gang rape.

    @#9 – That’s what I thought. Though that’s probably giving Akira’s grammatical abilities way too much credit.

  14. Obviously Dimitri haven’t met a catholic priest yet.

  15. hasn’t, sorry. Not English.

  16. The hockey helmet/cup thing is old, and dumb.
    Our brains are well protected by a thick layer of bone called a “skull.”
    Our testicals only have a few layers of skin for protection.

  17. I hate to tell Dimitri, but people judge men on their appearance too…

  18. Guys are like keys, and girls are like locks…
    if a key can open many locks, it is a master key.
    if a lock gets opened by many keys it is just a shitty lock.

    And Steeeever doesn’t discriminate when it come to raping; So y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRs rapin’ everybody out here

  19. Steeeeever, if I tell you when my wife is out next will you take care of her and dispose of the body too?

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Pretty sure that like the Romans and medieval knights and shit had helments.

    When she says “the first helmet”, does she mean “the first helmet to be used in hockey”? Because A) the brain is already protected by a quite thick layer of bone, whereas the testacles aren’t and B) the chances of being hit in the groin are greater than being hit in the head in a normal hockey game. ‘s a risk management issue, innit.

  21. The only useless meat I see here is Akira’s tiny little 2-inch dick. I mean seriously, that’s why he probably hates women so much. Once they see his tiny miniature penis they run the hell away haha.

  22. From Wikipedia: “The first player to regularly wear a helmet for protective purposes was George Owen, who played for the Boston Bruins in 1928–29.”

    Good one, Marie.

  23. Thank you Walter!

  24. Akira is gay, Marie is a lesbian, and Dimitri is a dumb-ass

  25. WOW….Dimitri is an IDIOT. Men can’t get molested or raped? Since when?? Males DO get molested and raped – usually much more painful and bloody, because they get it in the a**. They can also be made to perform oral sex on other men. Perhaps it is not as common as a female being molested/raped, but it DOES happen. What an ignorant freak.

  26. Equal work/more pay = myth.

    Control for education and experience and the income is the same.

  27. Soberchick, you forgot to mention that men can be raped by women, too.

  28. “Males DO get molested and raped – usually much more painful and bloody”

    That’s going in the wank bank.

  29. Um, I hate to break it to Dmitri, but men can and do get raped. Dmitri should go back to 1950 where his asshole archaic beliefs belong.

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