Friday, February 18, 2011

Dad Tells It Like It is…

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  1. Way to go dad! We need more passionate parents like him in the world and then maybe we wouldn’t end up with so many douchebags or welfare cases. Just sayin’.

  2. I’m from the US and I like to use “bloody” now and again. Actually, I should use it more now that my son is going to start repeating everything I say. I also think it best to refer to “soccer” by its proper name of “football”, considering we are the only country on earth that call it that.

  3. @goober1223, the British elite actually started the term “soccer”, as an abbreviation of “Assoccer” when the game first became popular across the pond in the 1860s. Also, Italians call the game “calcio”, not football. The word calcio translates into “kickball”.
    Americans called it “Association Football” until post-WW2, with the rise of the NFL. We changed it to soccer to avoid confusion. And we are not the only “country on earth” to call it soccer, some areas of the Caribbean, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand also call it “soccer”.

    Don’t believe me? Please look it up.

  4. ksleeve- That was my favorite part as well. I didn’t find any of the rest of it humorous.

  5. Canada also refers to it as “soccer.” 🙂

  6. lmao good job James

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