Monday, February 21, 2011

Facebook from Last Night

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  2. As pathetic as it is to air dirty laundry like this, I have to laugh because I enjoy reading about drunken wake ups.

  3. Interesting. Lamebook has made its way back onto Facebook. From what I can gather, the page is exactly the same as before except it’s now called Lamebook Fans. Have they kissed and made up? Or does Zuckerfucker just not know about it yet?

  4. i too enjoy the drunken wake ups, just not everyday or it begins to remind me of when i was that age.

  5. drunken wake ups are my favorite except are never as interesting as these people’s

  6. Can someone explain to me Tyler’s second one about the car? I get that it’s car wash time…what about the first part?

  7. I’m guessing Tyler was hungover and threw up on his car.

  8. Ohhhh, I see. Gross. At least not in his car, though. That’s a blessing.

  9. Other than her drinking problem Maddy has some mental issues too, I’d say.

    Love-Present mass

  10. So, has Tyler come out of the closet yet?

  11. OOhhh bad time for these my hangover from Sat is coming back 😐

  12. Hahaha. I’m Eric from the first one. Heres a video of part of the night.

  13. what video is that link supposed to lead to?

  14. my bad guys. this is a video of me, eric. probably like an hour before i broke all that stuff. haha.

  15. Uh huh. Because those really look like Youtube links.

  16. no man, seriously. its not a virus or anything man. haha. its a fucken video of me all drunk!!!

  17. nobody cares, loser

  18. Youtube’s shortened links really do look like that ( However, I can’t vouch for the validity of that link Mr. Supposedly Eric From the First One has given us. COULD BE HAX, Y’ALL.

  19. Ok come on one of you big risk takers and click on the link. Eric, remind me never to ask you to a party at mine!

  20. Dear Future Maddy…

    I’m very sorry but I’m going to crust up your panties and squirt so hard in your hair, it’ll end up being the same consistency as burnt toast.

    Love From Present Imamofo

  21. Prsent maddy is dum cuz only future maddy can read that and when she does it would be from past maddy. F*uckin idiot!!!

  22. @georgev420 Please change your login to wallace. It’s much more fitting.

  23. The youtube links are real guys. A bit interesting.

  24. Rockerchick88

    Yeah, the link is real. But pathetic.

  25. your face is pathetic! haha.

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