Monday, February 21, 2011


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  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Who did Tiger Woods attack with a golf club?

  6. His wife “tried to rescue him from his parked vehicle” with a golf club.

  7. I hate it when people come up with obviously fake stories so that they can relay their jokes that they think are so clever but really aren’t. First, even non-gamers have heard of Grand Theft Auto. Second, even if she hadn’t, explaining the game wouldn’t help her find it. She’d just go to the “G” section of the video game aisle and find the fucking game (and Zach is a moron for not being able to do this himself, in the rare chance that this story is true).

    In short: boo and fuck you, Zach.

    Sorry for the rant. This kind of horrible, self-congratulatory joke (which Zach most likely submitted here himself) really pisses me off for some reason. I can just picture him being so proud of himself for coming up with this shite. Gah, what an asshat.

  8. Zach’s joke is old. As is anything referring to Tiger’s Wood.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    So Tiger Woods didn’t attack anybody with a golf club.

  10. Yes, people should only post jokes on facebook that don’t involve a story and that lametothemin finds funny.

  11. spedcor666, exactly! Glad you’re on board. I have petitions for you and everyone else here to sign.

  12. Never mind petitions, I say we all chip in and buy facebook. Stick lametothemin in charge and we’re laughing (but not at made up story jokes of course).

  13. I don’t really want to be in charge. Who needs that kind of responsibility? And in charge of Facebook? When I’d have to change the layout every three months? No thanks. But just so I understand what’s happening here, do you really find that Grand Theft Auto joke so hilarious that it’s worth it to you to snipe at me about it all day? I don’t like to fight about what’s funny and what’s not, as it’s all subjective, and if you find this old-material, try-hard, self-satisfied, nonsensical joke at all amusing, I’m not telling you you can’t enjoy the shit out of it. So go for it, buddy. We friends now?

  14. Actually I thought the joke was shit, but now I’ve got your permission to enjoy it, I’m sure we can be friends forever.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    You forgot poorly formulated. Tiger Woods never attacked anybody with a golf club (that we know of)The joke should have said people (or one person) attack HIM with a golf club that would have made it better. Still not funny, just better logic.

  16. Sorry, Dukey. There were so many things wrong with this “joke” that I lost track. 🙁 Gah, Zach and his 5 fucking friends who liked it. Still pissing me off.

  17. it sucked as a joke.

  18. theres only 1 grand theft auto with a black guy. GTA San Andreas. and theres no golf club weapon in that one. the golf club was only in Vice City , where the character is a white guy. so yeah, Zach is a bitch for making up this stupid story just to make a lame tiger woods joke.

  19. Dukey, as far as I know he didn’t attack anyone with a golf club. There were rumours that his wife attacked his car with one, which probably aren’t even true either. So yep, I’m with the rest of you that the joke was shite.

  20. Whats a pga?

  21. @georgev420

    A PGA stands for “Palin Goes Anal”

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