Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Help

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  1. Being first if fake.

  2. Traveltruth, it is fake.

  3. I Like Sweaty Moms.

  4. Sweaty moms are gross! Sweat and women don’t mix well together. Thank God I am gay.

  5. I best the smell of a mans sweaty taint and applesack drive you CRAZY!

  6. ^ Thought of it makes you crazy enough to misspell “bet”…

  7. hootie the blowfish

    It’s an order … go tag that it that you possess.

  8. sweathogs for LIFE

  9. *LYF!

  10. laugh.out.loud

    Liz needs a dildo shoved up her ass.

  11. ^Correction, YOU need a dildo shoved up your ass.

  12. Liz is awesome.

  13. Have to agree with MsAnne on that!

  14. laugh.out.loud

    Hawk.. You say the sweetest things…candyass.

  15. ^Correction…That was not particularly nice…ass bandit.

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