Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Road Rules

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  1. Oh.

  2. Hmmm I feel like getting behind the wheel drunk and crashing a school bus!

  3. I see Steven’s FACE! ZOMG, no blur! 😉

  4. I like David’s metaphor.

  5. Haha! I didn’t even notice that before Crimm!! Lamebook fail once again!

  6. Oh man. Face and name OOPS!

  7. Either Lamebook are really shit at the whole blurring thing, or they occasionally get sent posts with a comment from the guy who used to pants them in high school PE class and want to bring the force of the internets down upon them.

  8. that would have been so much funnier if he hadnt added that last line.

  9. Uh oh — Lamebook asleep at the switch!!!

  10. You don’t even need physical contact to cheat. Lusting after someone in your heart is enough to sin. A lot of the “new age” (i.e. liberal hippie types) psychologists recommend that a spouse tempted to cheat release his/her desires through masturbation. However, as the Bible clearly points out:

    “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications …these are the things which defile a man.”

    –Matthew 15:19-20

  11. does anyone on lamebook really give a crap what the bible says?

    yeah, I didn’t think so.

  12. I do care what the Bible says. I also don’t mind reading lamebook for a laugh. I am also not into judging everyone like Danny boy.

    Hey Danny, shut up and work on your own salvation please and TYVM.

  13. Fargis Troll strikes again!

  14. You’re not into judging people and yet you judge me and tell me to shut up. Sounds like you should re-read Job 13:16.

  15. I could use some of God’s grace right about now…

  16. i don’t think it’s the real dan fargis. i remember a while ago he said something about masturbation being a sin because you’re wasting your seed or some shit along the lines of that.

  17. Definitely not the real fargis. He never double-posts.

  18. agreed, he doesn’t sound like Fargis. How did Fargis write his name anyway, was it all lower case?

  19. Didn’t the original fargis have capital letters in his name?

  20. Calling someone an ass is not judging. Calling for their damnation is.

    Maybe you should dust up on:
    Matthew 7:5
    Romans 14:1-13
    Galatians 5:14
    1 Corinthians 13:1-8
    AND ESPECIALLY: Romans 2:3

  21. I don’t even consider it cheating if some poor bint i’ve proposed to walks in and catches me curling my meat into some birds box from behind.

    I only consider it cheating if they have answers to miscellaneous questions wrote on their arms.

  22. yeah dan never replies to people. either he changed his m.o. or it’s a fake. i’m pretty sure he always spelled his name with lowercase though. could’ve been more than one underscore though.

    remember malteaser? he was committed. trolls should show that kind of dedication. remember that dan.

  23. Dave-o’s joke was sort of funny..until he started in with “and by that, I mean…”

    Anyone with enough perversion in their heads can easily figure that one out, Dave-o the lame-o.

  24. dave-o the lame-o? is that the best you can come up with?

  25. I, for one, love dan_fargis. But not in that way – that would be a sin.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  26. shimmyshimmysock – “dave-o the lame-o? is that the best you can come up with?” – Is that the best YOU can come up with?

  27. fuck off Banham, don’t you have some cock to go suck or something?

  28. shimmyshimmysock, I wasn’t asking for your approval. 🙂 I didn’t do shit but state a comment.

    Kindly go fuck yourself if you’re gonna troll.

    @dan_fargis whether you’re the original Fargis troll or not, you can go kindly fuck yourself with a Bible.

  29. keona, its funny you call me a troll for stating an opinion because last time i checked you were a muslim-hatin hillbilly…that make you a troll?

  30. Now everybody, say the last part like JFK from Clone High. Feel better now? I do.

  31. lol, nice one nuff. XD

  32. Muslim hating hillbilly huh…I’ll admit, just because I care so much of my internetz reputation… Yeah, awhile back I DID say some back things about Muslims..and after talking to one personally, realized the error of my “grouping all of them into one stereotype” ways. I also profusely apologized.

    It was resolved awhile back. It’s good to know the internet police talk wrongdoers and never let them live things down. Oh, where would we be without you!

  33. Either way Veto, your significant other is going to be very suspicious of you for a while.

  34. Keona, pay no attention to shimmyshimmysock. I made the mistake of tangling with him yesterday…he is trolling hard. No doubt about it.

  35. Maybe I’m weird, but there are certain circumstances when I’d be more angry at my husband for kissing than sex. A very drunk, don’t-remember-what-happened hookup would actually be LESS upsetting to me than a kiss that had actual emotions behind it. One doesn’t even have to have ANY physical contact to cheat. Emotional affairs are worse to me (and many women) than purely physical ones. Though to answer the question, regardless of the motivations, yes, kissing is cheating, every time.

  36. yeah, david sucks.

    and is there someone who doesn’t think kissing is cheating? why would this question even need to be a FB poll?

  37. shimmyshimmysock – Touch a nerve there? Wouldn’t want you to spontaneously combust because someone threw your pathetic attempt at mockery back at you.
    On another note, I’ve reached my cock sucking quota for the day but you are welcome to fill in. 😉

  38. @Banahm, shimmy, keona, if you are going to call each other names, can you at least make the mockery less boring?

    @Lizsmith17, every time, really? What if your husband needs to make a choice between kissing a german camp commander with a dirty mo, or having his wife (yes, you!) tortured and killed. Would that be cheating? Oh, so now I’m being weird? Jeez….

  39. We have more impostors here! I propose we have everyone who has impostors gather 10 women and have a dick-sucking contest to determine who is the real Fargis.

  40. wow banananham, seeing that i went into a 5 page rant its obvious you touched a nerve. dumbass. you’re mistaking a clear dismissal of your opinion for me giving a shit. i dont.

  41. All I got from this exchange was a 10 woman dick-sucking contest is going to be held – I’d be happy to judge. The rest, well it kind of read like the sound Charlie Brown’s teacher used to make.

  42. I volunteer to be the person who determines if comments is eligible to judge a dick sucking contest.

  43. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I actually like David’s last line. I think the whole thing’s pretty funny.

    My main thought, though, is if someone is really called Veto?! I seem to remember that being an old joke in Friends.

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