Monday, November 23, 2009

Regret Hero


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  1. +1 Jimmy Beam

    @Carb: win

  2. Guys, it was an investment. In 10-20 years, it will be considered vintage and everyone will be getting that tattoo, just like all the NES tattoos today.

    And he’ll be legit, as it will surely be faded by that point, thus picking up all the hipster (or whatever equivalent scene) girls.

    Or he’ll be a creepy 40 year old man.

  3. love #64, lulzie…=))

  4. @71

    Successful Boz is successful…

  5. YEAAHHHH!!!!

  6. liz, not to be confused with boz

    I think a better caption would have been


  7. What’s the problem man, I’m still rockin my rubik’s cube and “Where’s the Beef” tats.

  8. @Storblington

    ZOMFG First!!!111!!!111!!1

    PWNT U N00BZZ!!!!1111!!!!111

  9. I love Guitar Hero. I’m not afraid to admit it. I would never get a tattoo of the logo (especially a poorly made one), but I guarantee that this will not hinder him from getting laid.

  10. Wow.

    Dial L for Loser.

  11. more like guiTARD hero

  12. @23 CumDog Millionaire – I like turtles. I have one.

  13. And you’ve got a shit arm, and that’s a bad tattoo.

  14. LOL “boz” was the captain of the football team? With those tiny, pencil-like arms? I’m sure he meant to say captain of the water squad…for the football team.

  15. ay boz, what position were you, quater bench? or captain of the bench? if anyone gets injured, boz can play!

  16. @114 what qualifies as a “shit arm”? Looks like it works to me. So long as it can pick a nose, scratch an arse, facilitate a wank and steer a car, I can’t see its perceived shitness.

  17. How about getting done for copyright infringement? …or is the bad reproduction enough of a change to the original logo to not warrant a law suit?

  18. …How is this copyright infringement unless he’s somehow profiting form one of the worst tattoos ever inked.

  19. At least the women he tries to pick up on have a “warning, giant douche” sign to alert them when he approaches.

  20. To be honest he probably will get laid in future; he’s just goin to have to make sure he doesn’t engage in any position where the underside of his arm is exposed to his partner.

    Yeah, he’s not getting laidever again.

  21. […] via lamebook […]

  22. @71 Oh! so YOU must be “Ryan”

  23. what a wang

  24. WHen you hit puberty you will regret this!!!

  25. 114 – A thousand blessings. x
    116 – Be still, my child. You are yet to be visited by the men of partial biscuit.

  26. Or rather 117.

  27. “Why?”

  28. Great FAIL Blog submission.

  29. Achievement Unlocked!

  30. @Boz: Yeah good show. Whats the bet that you are an obese 15 year old male with a sever case of acne, who has red hair and freckles. I’ll wait for you to adjust your glasses. That Blow Job you were just talking about, vacuum cleaners (or in your case a dog and peanut butter) doesn’t count as getting blown. Have a good day mr. perfect monkey scrotum, and don’t forget to kick yourself before you get castrated. Taa.

  31. The only thing that could possibly redeem this tattoo is if he were a master of actual guitar. Even then. Ugh.

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