Monday, July 26, 2010

Wins to Start the Week

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  1. I need to be first!

  2. That’s pretty funny Tom.

    Something else that could answer that question: Me, when I walk around naked.

  3. Slanderous Princess

    Ba ha ha angry beavers….

  4. Not a terrible start to the day…heh.

  5. did i miss something about r.kelly?
    last i heard he was just a child rapist.

  6. How do you get an oil change for $10? You need boobs?

  7. Paranoid Android


  8. Lamebook is definitely going for the Douchebag award for itself today. These are wins?

  9. @drkmage, in the r.kelly sex tape he urinated on the under aged girl. when you get stung by a jellyfish, people say to urinate on the part that got stung.

  10. Hey Kimberly I would change your oil for free if catch my drift 😉

  11. I loled at the first one.

  12. I was going to click the like button but they ruined the whole set with the rape cape douche.

  13. I agree with you, Zhigulii (8)

    Oil spill jokes, yawn ….

  14. Well, the first one made me laugh. Down hill after that, rather quickly.

  15. Ah, another BP joke, amazing

  16. I don’t get the first one. We don’t have The View on our planet. Or maybe I’m just rearted.

  17. The first one is most definitely stolen from Bo Burnham.

  18. I actually kind of liked the last one.

  19. Caitlin – win
    Tom – not win

    If I was Travis, I would have responded with “hopefully”.

  20. Doh! I totally missed the word “rape” in Tom’s… I thought it was funny when I didn’t see that but yeah, not funny now.

  21. Tom wins by far!

  22. I hope Tom never gets laid. That’s not even a remotely “funny” rape joke, even though I think all rape jokes are completely distasteful. His is just stupid. And disgusting. He loses. He loses because he will forever make any vagina within two miles of his penis dry up like a stream in summer. Have fun using your hand for the rest of your life, Tom.

  23. Jeez, sounds like someone got raped…

  24. Wellthen, chill, his joke wasn’t that bad.

  25. I liked the last one. I’m going to have to remember that one.

  26. Um… Where exactly does it say in Tom’s update that he’s raping women? I totally imagined him running around like a retarded vampire.

  27. ‘Black and red RAPE cape’ kind of gives him away, chwineka.

  28. It is that bad. It’s stupid. And just because someone detests rape jokes, especially ones that are so utterly terrible, doesn’t mean they’ve been raped. It means they’re not so blank-minded they find something that stupid funny. “My black and red RAPE shirt! My black and red RAPE shoes!” God, if you’re going to be distasteful at least have it make some sort of sense.

  29. Oh, and sorry, if it’s the fact that “rape” and “cape” rhyme that’s supposed to make it funny, that makes it about 20x more stupid.

  30. @brah BAHAHAHAHAHA maybe it’s my immaturity showing through, but i laughed at the rape joke nearly as hard as i laughed at “jeez, sounds like someone got raped.”

  31. i think tom is funny.
    and its okay wellthen,im sure he’s not actually going around in a black & red rape cape raping women.

    it’s probably just black,reds too flashy and being flashy is how you get caught.

  32. I hope when one of your mothers/sisters/girlfriends/friends get raped, you don’t show anything close to the insensitivity you do here. Then again, you’re probably not in contact with any girls but your mothers anyways, so your chances of having to repress your disgusting immaturity is a lot less than normal guys. Go figure 🙂

  33. uh,i am a girl…

  34. Oh. Right. Well then, I guess I should change it to that I hope you don’t raped. Though, I bet you can just laugh it off and say, “Gee, I didn’t expect that, you don’t have your rape cape on!” and you two can be buddies afterwards.

  35. no cape..?
    very unprofessional,there’s no way i’d be buddies with him.

  36. Oh man. I never thought I’d find myself wishing someone would get raped, but I think I might honestly find it hilariously ironic if it happened to you. You’re asking for it, miss. I just hope you can think it’s as funny then as it is now when it happens to you, or one of your friends or loved ones. Cheers! Hope he has a stylish rape cape on!

  37. PS stop trying to act like the “cool girl” who acts totally laid back and cool just so that guys will think you’re amazing and a god-send. You’re the girl who cheers super loud at football games, laughs at dumb guy jokes, pretends like she wouldn’t be mad if her boyfriend cancelled a date to hang out with the guys … oh wait, you’ve probably never had a boyfriend. My bad! Just keep pretending like you’re that awesome, laid back girl so all these really cool guys on the internet will say they wish they could date you. Really, keep it up. You’ll get one .. eventually … maybe … probably not =/

  38. hahahaha are you serious? if you really want to know you fcking creep,ive been withthe same man for 3 years & ive had like 5 solid relationships before that.umm,skipped the football games to get high. i really dont care about these “cool guys” on the internet. i mean, im sure most of them are really cool,nice people…theyre people i dont know and never will. id ont give two shits what they think. im sorry im not an uptight cunt like yourself. and,you hoped i get raped? how old are you? thats something immature little bitches say. maybe youve been raped, idk,if you have,thats terriable,i hope youve found some way to deal with it and move on in your life.& how do you kno ive havent already been raped..?mayeb im just aware that shtty things are going to happen in your life,as in everyones,you just have to learn to more on from those events and become a stronger/more aware/more insightful/ect person become of them; instead of dwelling on them and letting one bad situation destroy your instead wishing bad things to happen to you, i hope you get past this whole ‘taking everything,especially the internet too seriously’. take the stick out of your ass really,like,that would fix most of it.nice try on trying to peg me though, but you were way off…:]

  39. I’ve been raped before, but I don’t run around freaking out like the world is going to end because someone said the word rape in an attempt at humor. In fact, I was only 4 the first time it happened. And it happened repeatedly (stepfather), for almost 2 years. I hear jokes about Michael Jackson and little kids all the time and I don’t freak out about how distasteful it is. You have to move on with your life, and learn to except the past for what it is, the past. Yes, rape is terrible, I know first hand, but I’m not offended by some guy trying to make a joke about rape. If I took the time to spaz out every time someone said something distasteful about rape or Michael Jackson, then I’d clearly be in a situation where I’ve never moved on with my life. Clearly, most of you would rather freak out and wallow in misery as opposed to just trying to take the world with a grain of salt.

  40. bitch, youve been raped but you dont find a rape joke offensive? i find that extremely hard to believe, and you were raped when you were little by your stepdad? have you even had someone break into your home with a gun and hold you captive in your own home for 8 hours while he rapes, tourtures, and beats you and 2 friends? noo? ok then, the word rape is offensive as fuck and rape jokes are not funny. so..on that note, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  41. It’s just rape. Get the fuck over it.

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