Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sharp Shooters

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  1. Seventh.

    I’m so rearted

  2. lamebook posts on saturday?

  3. Took me ages to figure out what was wrong with the last one. I guess that makes me “rearted” too, right?

  4. Hey, it’s Marcus McFly.

  5. demarcus dead cuz.

  6. Ah this made me chuckle. I have to say that I’m glad I’m European. …

    I also loved that that Gareth seems to think that babies can’t be female, although thinking clearly isn’t high up on his list of gifts

  7. Good thing I’m Canadian. It lasts however long I want it to last, screw the study.
    Gareth is fucking rearted.

  8. Yeah, I’d like to know more about this ‘said’ study! 7 min! I beg to differ!

  9. Do the people know they’re being studied and for what purpose? Wouldn’t that have an effect on the outcome?
    Ah, who cares.

  10. And I think Marcus is trying to suggest that because a movie so bad as 2012 was made, the real world should have ended abruptly, at the conclusion of the film’s production.
    Marcus, lover of fine cinema that he is, is referring to that particular production company’s next venture, Hoaxt, where John Cusack will portray a likable actor who for some reason keeps taking top billing in some awfully shitty movies. In the end, we learn that John Cusack hoaxt us all and was his sister the entire time. There never was a John Cusack.

    Oh yeah. SPOILER ALERT.

  11. Looks like Jordan has a purpose in life now.

  12. My shit finally got uploaded
    fuck yes 😀

  13. @charliee
    So you’re Charlie Square-rectangle?

  14. @epicfail
    Yes, I’m charlie infamous collection of pixels

  15. @charliee
    Cool. 😀

  16. Fuckin aye, this rocks

  17. @charliee we have an ‘are you fucking retarded?’ niche open here on lamebook, you’re more then welcome to the job opening. It just requires you to single out a particular post or comment at least once a day and ask them, ‘are you fucking retarded?’. The hours are great, benefits include an abundance of laughter and terrible pay. Actually, it’s not that terrible, you aren’t getting paid to begin with so you don’t have to worry about that.

  18. @nuff
    I’m tempted to say ‘Are you fucking retarded’ but i kinda want the job and your comment made me laugh 🙂

  19. @charliee Usually I have employees at Nuff Corp. go through a three month evaluation process, but I’ll give you one week to impress Upper Management. Either you will be hired or be sentenced to death by Ooga Booga (you don’t want to find out what that is). Good luck! Oh! And identity theft… Wait, shit, that’s been fixed.

  20. @nuff
    Ahahahaa, It sure does sound like a tough deal, but I’ll give it a shot. Ooga Booga, thats a dreamcast game right? I’m not quite sure how a small bit of square bit of plastic could sentence me to death, but a sentence to death is a sentence to death. Would you also like to expand on what Nuff corp exactly does?
    I tried to google it but nothing came up 🙁

  21. Charlie, you are hilarious. You are my new hero. I want to have your babies.

  22. @Walter Sobchak
    Haha, thank you. 😀
    Gladly take them.

  23. shame you had your tubes tied 40 years ago walt.

  24. I didn’t… can I get in on this?

  25. Ah fuck. I forgot to turn on my sarcasm font. I don’t get these damn computers. They don’t work right then some kid tries to help and then the stupid thing just crashes… I think he said alt-f4. Let’s test…

  26. I give up.

  27. Congratulations to Charlie, not only for having his shit finally uploaded but for having one of the better pixelated profile pictures I’ve seen on here. Well done, sir. Well done.

    By the way, Yasmin is totally rearted. Everyone knows that the 16 minutes measured with the European metric system is actually LESS time than 7 American minutes.

  28. 7 minutes in heaven is better than 16 minutes in Europe.

  29. The only problem with Europe is it’s full of Europeans. If it weren’t for that it would be ok.

  30. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Poor Jordan, deadlifts and oats bro.

  31. @charliee
    Glad you’ve decided to take the job 😉 you already rock my dock…

  32. dietpillpyramidscheme


  33. @charliee Like I said, you don’t want to know what ‘ooga booga’ is in the first place. It is far worse then what can be accomplished with a piece of plastic.
    As for Nuff Corp. not showing up on the internet, you will have to speak to my lawyers. Their idea. Seriously. As for one of my other business ventures, i’m sure you could find it on one of the previous threads here. wordpervert and eenerbl are a couple satisfied customers.

  34. @Walter Sobchak
    Strange, we Europeans say the same about the USA…

  35. suckmebeautiful

    @Nuff, since we live in Canada… If and I were to say, do it… Would it just last forever? Or is there a time limit?

  36. I’m thinking with the Euro weakening against the Dollar, they have to give you 16 minutes now as opposed to the original 5 minutes when paying for sex. Not that I would pay for sex, at least not directly. Being married makes for interesting payment options. Labor, aggravation, etc.

  37. Ur right volo369 ^^ we do

  38. @dietpillpyramidscheme
    Ahaha, when and where Mr. Dietpill
    I’ll let you know how i do
    You rock my cock

  39. Well it looks like the consensus between me and the Europeans is that the world would be a better place without the Europeans and the Americans.

  40. What in the hell have I missed?

    Back to previous post…..

  41. @suckmebeautiful
    It lasts exactly as long as I want it to last. Anything from a quickie to an all nighter. I don’t think I could do forever though, I still happen to like playing sports, partying, sleep and enjoying a few of my other hobbies and that could get in the way if it were that long a sesh.

  42. someones in for a treat

  43. dietpillpyramidscheme

    So long as it doesn’t last any longer than 6 minutes.

    …and why the assumption I’m male?

  44. Must be your clever name.

  45. *Only just realized that 2012 was a documentary*

  46. akidandhiscandy

    the diet pill pyramid scheme mc pee pants created 😀 that persons name is clever!!!

  47. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @46, first person EVER to get the reference!
    I’ve explained it on here a few times, to no avail.
    Congratulations, sir/madam. You win.

    Now, let us set forth, by writing rap music, to subconciously addict children to candy, then using their hyperglycemic blood and brain activities to power drills that will unleash demons from hell, to help us run a diet pill pyramid scheme… So I can afford to make repayments on my rented patio furnature.

    The plan is FLAWLESS!

  48. CommentsAtLarge


    Welcome to Nuff Corp; I highly suggest picking up some of the duties at the female satisfaction research division. The benefits are outstanding.

  49. I especially liked how three other people liked Charlie’s comment.

  50. @CommentsAtLarge
    I have three with me at the moment
    Four now 😀

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