Friday, July 16, 2010

Pictures of the Public

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  1. BEN!

    Cue dan_fargis making some homophobic comment about drag and religion.

  2. Does it actually ever say in the Bible that man shouldn’t dress as a woman? In childrens’ books Jesus always seems to be wearing long hair and a dress.

  3. what’s actually going on in number 2?

    wicker man’s wicker hand doing the sign of the horns…?

  4. @alordslums
    #2 is the shocker

  5. The Shocker= Two in the pink, one in the stink. And number in number three, it would seem that the person in the photo was the companion of the poster? Strange tales.

  6. @alordslums gtfo u fuckin douchebag

  7. @ i am not here you are a fuckin dick for saying ben wtf is wrtong with you ben is a dick and nothin he said is ever funny and ur a cunt for sayin his name for some kind of joke ur so fuckin annoying

  8. ah, fantastic. thanks for the down-low.

    ‘the shocker’? in england it’s called ‘being considerate’.

  9. alordslums–Considerate Americans are pretty shocking . . . It is one in the same.

  10. @Janepixel – As I recall, yes it does – It mentions not to dress in the clothes of the opposite sex as it causes confusion.

  11. So how long do we predict that anonisgayisgay will last before he is destroyed by the many people on lamebook who are ACTUALLY clever and ACTUALLY have something to input to a conversation other than randomly swearing at people………anyone?

  12. @bdie FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. this one is definitely one for the ‘ignore him and he’ll go away’ column. i can fight fire with fire, but no way will i fight dumb with dumb.

  14. Sleeping-guy has a good strategy.

    1. Eat
    2. Nap & Digest
    3. BUFFET!

  15. @scottspeig – Ah. Confusion. That must have been why Jesus also had the beard thing going on, just to clear things up.

    Anonisgayisgay is trying to get a reaction… Ignore it, and it will go away 🙂

  16. @alordslums – I see great minds think alike while I’m taking a million years to write my comment.

  17. those are some serious ass indents in the last one 😐

  18. melissa – that looks like fargis’ weltanschauung.

  19. I couldn’t care less if a man wants to dress like a woman or vice versa, but how can anyone think it’s a good idea to be in your underwear AT THE AIRPORT? I mean seriously, the cami and hooker boots are much less offensive than the package he’s (presumably) displaying.

  20. @JanePixel and alordslums .Your “ignore him and he will go away” theory intrigues me. But part of me just wants to laugh at him for his sheer spaziness. Ah the dilema.

  21. Poor bloke went into the buffet an enterprising young athlete.

    Eat until full.
    Satisfied, cozy and warm, fall asleep.
    Wake up feeling like snack
    Eat until full..

    A vicious cycle.

  22. Maybe the first guy lost a bet. Yes, that is what I am going to tell myself. The first guy lost a bet.

  23. Krazy Eyez Killa

    I’m more concerned with the flab he appears to have no problem showing. Man needs to do some sit-ups and leg-raises.

  24. Did the waitress/waiter take that pic? The broken English suggests that.

  25. I agree, bdie. Especially since, in my mind, isgay² is that World of Warcraft freak out kid:

  26. I love how he is on his phone “look, i am right under the massive column near the conveyer belt, you cant miss me”

  27. Ah, anonisgayisgay… the little troll that couldn’t.

  28. I’m just a sweet transvestite from transylvaniaaaaaaaaaaaa

  29. @GrahamDunk: Perhaps “Chalet” is a waitress at China Buffet. I saw only one place setting, and if I were his waitress, I’d be pissed.

  30. Man people need to stopposting pictures of my family…
    …Or maybe my family can stop getting caught.

  31. we had a different version of the “shocker”, switch out the middle finger for the ring finger, same hand orientation, we called it “disappointment and anguish”

  32. The Frank N. Furter wannabe doesn’t look like he’s getting any reaction – the airport crowd is a tough one to work.

  33. @heisenberg that’s my hope as well.

  34. MsBuzzkillington

    Eric is awesome. I love Eric. I chuckled.

    But you have to give that dude some credit, he is like 80 and still rockin out. Still living the dream.

    I feel really sorry for people like the guy in the last picture. Who knows why he feel asleep, but you know he was teased and made fun of and all he was doing was trying to have a meal. Makes me feel bad.

  35. Did anyone check that guy’s pulse in the last pic?

  36. @Shipoopi That was hilarious!

  37. love the aiport one!!! haha Eric’s comment makes it better! shocker is pretty good. And as for number 3, I agree with word, instead of taking his picture they should be checking his pulse.

  38. prunellafarkitt

    Had I known I was actually allowed to eat until passed out at a buffet, I would never have left! In fact I would be there right now! My long held secret desire can become a glorious reality…. oh happy day 😀

  39. lmao @ comment #26

    The airport picture also serves as a reminder of why it probably isn’t a good idea to fly across the country to meet someone you have only interacted with online. You get off the plane thinking you’re about to have a weekend of passionate sex with a 21 year old swimsuit model named Holly, and then…

  40. Oh my god. Don’t look at the first photo too close. I did.

  41. Pic#1 looks more like Dr Scott minus the wheel chair rather than Frank

  42. I used to love those boots!!

    What’s the lamebook email address where you can ask them to take down an entry?

  43. haha the shocker lol

  44. Is the poster of that last one really called Chalet? As in, popular accommodation at Butlins?

  45. The last pic was taken in a Chinese restuarant in my city! I’ve never slept there, but the food is pretty good. And the fountain in the background makes bird sounds…. ahhhh lullabies…

  46. I don’t think he’s sleeping. I think he’s in a diabetic coma.

  47. Vegas airport…things happen.

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