Monday, June 13, 2016

Traffic Sham

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  1. I think the shitty Photoshop contour job on his “cheekbones” is more offensive than his fake traffic complaint.

  2. People lie about the dumbest shit.

  3. Its the classic “please give me attention and feel sorry for me with lots of hugs and kisses” generation selfie.
    Next post shows him in a hospital bed all cutesy with overly dramatic wound dressings as he explains “oops, I wrapped daddies car around a tree that jumped out at me while I was taking shitty, self-important selfies”. Take note of the untouched single drop of blood on the forehead for overly dramatic and self-pittying effect. He also doesnt mention the several other casualties he’s caused and he spun off the road because its all about him.

  4. Maybe he’s blind.

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