Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DOH!mestic Disputes

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  1. So she IS trying to poison him?

  2. Yes, but she wants head one last time. Then she wants him to die before she has to reciprocate.

  3. Amy, please put poison in your vag. Preferrably the kind that is absorbed through the skin.

  4. Poisoning your spouse to death – such a stupid way to do it. It’s way too slow and is easily detected postmortem. It’s ALWAYS the way women think to do it.

    Amy, forget about putting cyanide in your snatch. There are much better ways. Call me.

  5. krasivaya_devushka

    Dave must have some serious anger issues if he breaks down the door. Yikes!

  6. Amy is clearly making one of those awful angry jokes where someone says something off the wall they have no intention of doing because they are trying combat anger with laugher but it instead comes off as bitter. She wants to poison her husband for thinking she is trying to poison her.

  7. Seriously Amy, poison is traceable.. try injecting him with insulin.. make sure you do it through a mole or freckle!

  8. Insulin is too unpredictable. Just ask Claus von Bulow.

    But, it did work… eventually.

  9. He won’t eat your food but he will fuck you… aha, have you ever thought that your cooking sucks but you good in bed!

    jeez people always think of murder and complicated stuff before realizing the simple truth….

  10. if you are going to murder him….as long as they don’t find the body you are ok with killing him however you want 🙂

    no body, no murder case, just a missing persons report 🙂

  11. lol @mad4physicist

    somehow i think that Amys vag is already poisonous.

    shouldnt Krystina think Dave is a little bit of a pussy for only being able to knock down half the door?
    just sayin’

  12. apparently im too busy for apostrophes

  13. I don’t think it should be necessary to say this but putting poison in your vagina is rarely a good idea, whether you’re going to be eaten out or not.

  14. Word is it wrong that I am getting a stiff one while thinking of you killing a guy because I am assuming you will do it sexually (somehow).

  15. I love you, EmKitt. Your comments are always so logical and are delivered with such sincerity. The other day you said fuck – that was a little different for you (good, though). What made it sweet was the following day you said something about the moderators letting it through for you. Too cute.

    No, Dukey, it is not wrong. By the way, you’ve unlinked your name? It makes it a little harder for me to see you. Actually, I don’t see much of the old crew at all these days. Where has everybody gone? We’re dying off, one-by-one.

  16. word, your comment made me smile. It’s nice being loved. Regarding the f-word that slipped out the other day, that happens sometimes when the part of my brain that is devoted to logic and sincerity is overridden by an intense hatred of humankind.

  17. Oh, Em, there are still some good people out there. I know this as I’m fortunate to know quite a few. Don’t give up on the human race just yet, girlfriend. If all else fails, you still have me and Dukey. Well, occasionally, anyway.

    Hmmm, feeling a tad emotional, Em. Bad day. I need another drink. Look after yourself, and your tender little throat.

  18. Yeah, I know a couple of people who really are worth knowing. You’re right. I should focus on them.

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day. *Hugs* I hope the evening is better for you.

    And about the throat, I’m practically pain-free now (but still taking good care of myself, don’t worry), which is great because my stash of narcotics is all but tapped out.

  19. Oh, quick question: Is there any reason why I shouldn’t have a beer tomorrow night? Just one, I’m a real lightweight. I’ll be 11 days post-op and I don’t foresee that I’ll be taking any oxycodone. And I’ll have taken my last pill of cephalexin at breakfast. My doctor didn’t discuss this with me.

  20. That’s the spirit. Always focus on the positives, Em.

    Eh, the bad day was really just a busy day, although there was a bit of sad in there, too. I won’t depress you with medical tragedies.

    But my bloody ex from Melbourne (I do love your town) just called to tell me he got a last minute ticket to Metallica. I’m soooo jealous. He had to rub it in as he knows how much I love them.

    Too bad your pill supply is almost out. I hate it when that happens. Actually, it just did. I had some beauties up until the other day. Legit. Back pain with a definitive diagnosis and all!
    Pain-free now. Damn.

  21. Oh, enjoy the beer, Em. NO problem at all.


  22. It’s not the poison lurking in Amys’ beef curtains that i’m worried about… it’s the fuck slush between her ears.

    I wouldn’t mind lapping up that toxin from her fuck flaps, it’d be a bit like russian roulette…only munching on a fanny… instead of shooting yourself…in the head.

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