Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Physique Facts

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  1. i like my standing ovation every morning too!!!

  2. Whoo my first first!

  3. and your second second?

    these are all shit BTW. The masturbating one is from Jimmy Carr stand up (where he says, “contrary to popular belief – tears aren’t the best form of lubrication, blood is”)

  4. Morning wood fascinates me so! Suck a small little wonder in life.

  5. Ok, well that should be such, but as with me those things in my brain just kinda slip out onto the keyboard. Oh well.

  6. the question is eenerbl – did you have some ribs removed to get to suck that small little wonder of yours?

  7. It fascinates me too! I googled it once and its something to do with some chemical released during some particular phase of sleep which causes some muscle to relax allowing automatic and unsolicited engorgement. I figure its an accident of nature which evolved rapidly and became more or less universal due to its affect on reproductive rates.

  8. DukeGuy, as I am female, I don’t have to have ribs removed to enjoy that wonder in life. My slip was no-doubt my subconscious letting me know I have some extracurricular activities I need to attend to.

  9. *effect. Effects result in an affect

  10. I second the notion that these are shit.

    Any complaints for my lack of an original, funny comment should be directed to Lamebook themselves.

  11. Oh EE, the freudian slip was much more entertaining than the post so thanks! And that particular extracurricular activity is a two-player sport; if you need a teammate, lemme know 😉

  12. Thanks Comments, I’ll keep ya posted. I may need your services at a later date.

  13. yawn

  14. Britt for the win!

  15. eernerbl’s Freudian slip wins. EE I hope you wouldn’t discriminate against sucking the big wonderful things in life or I will have to be offended.

    I once did this girl who was over obsessed with my morningwood. It would have been awesome though if I were a morning sex kind of person.

  16. eenerbl, you can suck your own dick (like a boss)? Props.

  17. dddtl, eenerbl is a chick dude.

  18. dddtl, is a dumb ass…he tries to act kool but he is a duschebaugh

  19. @17


    Sorry, “chick dude” made me do it.

  20. My girlfriend is always mighty happy to see my morning schlong, she obviously stays awake all night waiting for it to rise like the sun.

    At least that’s the impression I get from her frightened eyes and muffled protests.

  21. Did Rich update his status halfway through taking a crap? That’s nastier than the shit he’s so colourfully describing..

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