Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crazy Couples

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  1. My catchphrase: FUCK MONOGAMY

  2. And seriously what happened to Alord? I haven’t seen him use his catchphrase since anonisgayisgay quit being an asshole.

  3. Wouldn’t it be more like christmas if you banged the priest. I just somehow feel this comparison isn’t quite right…

  4. It would be more alng the lines of bang your husbands father there rose…. He’s the one who brought the present haha

  5. I’ll bet Samantha’s boyfriend is killer in bed lmao

  6. Meh.

  7. till I creeped your page today? WTF does that mean? Is she talking his facebook page – and if so, does Facebook hand out divorces now too?

  8. I guess he changed his relationship status or posted that he’s divorced on there before actually telling her, due to being an aching great bellend.

  9. harsh man… and he’s rather smug about it. “tehehe”

    That one’s just sad. “I’m heartbroken, I hope you’re satisfied” She even spelled it correctly. Cause you know, if you don’t spell it right, you’re a ghetto bish and deserve it.

  10. Um, how does a couple get divorced without -both- parties being aware of it? I could get seeing the changed relationship status and finding out that you’ll probably be seeing papers soon, but the whole process just can’t happen with one person not being aware… unless one party was that drunk/high/whatever for months on end.

    Why am I trying this hard to understand these people? I need a drink.

  11. No Samantha IS single… if her bf is on death row then he is legally pronounced dead when the judge sentenced him there! He is a goner…. but she don’t sound very disappointed about it though…hmmm how strange.

    Pffffftttt matt is trying to steal my unique haircut…how dare he! I suppose i will have to teach him the haircut dance to go with it….

  12. I would *bang* Santa….With a M16 and rob his fat ass!

  13. Sounds as if Samantha is looking at Daniel being her next conjugal visit.

  14. dirtylittlepretty

    i bang santa all the time…that’s how i get such good presents!!

    i like Mat’s wife…she seems like a good time!
    ..and Jake, well Jake is just a stupid fuckhole!

  15. @Quaelyn, a couple does not get divorced without both parties knowing about it. I’m guessing they’re just separated and Jessica doesn’t know the meaning of divorce.

  16. Door Mat? dumbass parents.

  17. Yeah, Samantha’s “almost single” line is totally a quote from Coming to America. Weak that no one picked up on that.

  18. bellachiara6: Yes, it’s the shortcoming of all of us that we haven’t memorized the script from Coming to America.

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