Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Perfect Parents

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  1. The last picture is fucking gross!

  2. Glad that neither of my grandmothers are like that, although one of my grandmothers won a vibrator at an Ann Summers party years ago, my Dad used it to chase the cat around the house with 😮

  3. uh oh, the first one’s last name wasn’t blurred out. poor kid, the dad is a real douche for posting that comment on her pics. apparently he opted to not pull out a second time, because the current profile pic for that person shows a new baby. poor kids =P

  4. ha, ha…both my kids were born the end of september 🙂

    and ya got to have a sense of humor to have kids…

  5. did anyone notice the tattoo looking thing in the first pic second row of the baby ???????

  6. Not to be ageist, but ewwwwwww.

  7. I didn’t know Betty White had great grandchildren!

  8. #5 – oh yeah, what is that?

    And I so hope that is going on the kid’s 18th or 21st birthday card. Maybe make that into some kind of theme party?

  9. hahahaha oh grandma….

    My grandma apparently had to pee REALLY bad on the way to our house once so, less than 3 miles from our house, she pulled off to the side to relieve herself. It was night so she figured she could use the passenger door as a shield to protect her modesty from oncoming traffic. So she pops a squat and right as she starts about 6 cars drive by. Unfortunately, she didn’t really think it out beforehand and was in full, well lit, view of all the passing traffic.

  10. I think we have Brittany’s new Christmas mailer…..

  11. #5
    It’s a sock with some kind of pattern

  12. #5 & #8 those are buttons.

  13. my nana is a sweet angel.
    id gouge my eyes out if a situation like the last photo ever occurred.
    & def wouldnt be pretending to grab nanas tit.

    & i never understood taking pictures like the first one….dressing kids up and making them take cute pictures..seems like a waste of time & money to much rather look back on pictures of my children doing cute shit on their own & being a happy little kid,doing happy little kid things..not tutu,santa hat,look how cute she has the ornament in her mouth, bullshit pictures.

  14. ohbabybaby – as a mom of a little girl i can say most parents don’t dress their kids up and pay for pictures to look back on them one day. they do it in order to cut them out and give them to annoying grandparents and various relatives who beg for pictures all the damned time.

    i’m sorry…was that bitchy? hehe

  15. Charlotte Sometimes

    am i the only one that thought brittanys great grandma is awesome?

  16. Yes. Yes you are.

  17. If she’s trying to grab great grandma’s tit, she should be reaching down around her waist.

  18. There are so many things wrong with that last one…so many.

    For one, they’re clothed.

  19. I also thought the granny was awesome. I hope I’m still that lively in my old age.

  20. That last one reminds me of a Sick Animation song:
    “Big black dick,
    Big black dick.
    How much you want for the big black dick?”

  21. That is the coolest old woman…EVER.

  22. Or the most frightening.

  23. the most frightening!

  24. was it suppose to be?
    cuz i didnt read it that way.
    & i suppose that does make sense.
    my parents must be weird or assholes,cuz we have shit tons of those stupid pictures,like sheets & sheets of diff shoots.
    probably why i dont dig them……….

  25. I hope Frances is a guy. I know then it should be Francis but I can hope for the added element…

  26. My birthday’s October 15th. And I was 2 weeks late… THE HORROR!

  27. My birthday is nine months after my father’s. Yeah, that’s horrifying.

  28. My birthday is 9 months after the blizzard of ’78. I did the math a LONG time ago.

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