Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Much Too Much

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  1. Good thinking Cerena! lol

  2. omg she said period!!!

    Really, lamebook? Grow up! She didn’t include any gory details!

  3. I love that they have a go-to friend when a random shit appears somewhere. Does he do that a lot?

  4. Because you were supposed to get a picture of her right tit.

  5. I like the fact the Omar’s name is completely visible!

  6. Lets be serious smitty.. There are prob a million Omar Fakhri’s around…

  7. Apology accepted, Sonja.

  8. Uh sorry grandma about the pic of my tit… I meant to send a pic of my vag to my boyfriend! CLEARLY this was all my phone’s fault!

  9. I read somewhere their periods attract sharks. Sharks can smell the menstruation.

  10. Sonja is where stupidity and perfection intersect. We could all use more friends like her.

  11. How would you explain the coffee table thing if you got caught?

  12. Omar Fakhri

  13. Wordpervert, if you happen to swing by, just wanted to let you know I’m getting my tonsils out on Monday. They’re keeping me overnight so I’ll let you know how I go on Tuesday.

  14. ^ new lamebook submission

  15. Oh hell yeah, the Lamebook entries where somedoy drops their friend a comment to update them on what;s going on in their life crack me RIGHT up.

  16. somedoy. Brilliant.

  17. anonisgayisgay, if you happen to swing by, just wanted to let you know I miss you and your razor sharp wit, also what the fuck have you done with alordslums?


  18. Jesus, fellas. What gives? Don’t we have enough bitchiness and sarcasm going on seemingly almost on a daily basis? EmKitt is a fellow Aussie. We chat on occasion. We’ve talked about this before. Be nice. If I missed some subtle joke, well, you’ll have excuse me, I’m a little under the influence right now.

    Good luck with that Em. Keep me posted. Hard op as an adult.

  19. Just being a lil facetious is all 😉

  20. The discrepancy in the time and date of these posts is fucking with me. I’m also under the influence.

  21. Why apologise in advance? Just don’t send the picture if you know there’s a chance it could go to anyone. Or, take a whole naked body shot – much more fun to play cel phone roulette with =P

  22. @Dukey
    Take another look when you’re sober. Either that or I need to look at them drunk cause i don’t see any issues…

  23. @#9
    Have you ever killed a guy with a trident?

  24. I love Iain’s defense to the accusation – lack of corn in his diet. Guess it would be entirely possible that he’d lay a fresh one on his friend’s living room table otherwise.

    oh and good luck Em!

  25. Really Catherine? Someone pinching off a loaf is AMAZING?

  26. Thanks, word and Comments

  27. Has anyone else noticed on Cerena’s status, that whoever submitted it has the choice to click “I don’t like”?

  28. :O an ‘I don’t like’ button!!!! wtf!?

  29. @LexLuther – I would guess it depends on your time zone

    #27 – if you figure ot how to do that, you shall be god for the facebook masses

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